University Community definition

University Community means all students and employees of the University, persons officially associated with the University, former students and alumni at the University, as well as invitees, visitors and guests.
University Community means all Board of Governors members, Senate members, Faculty/College/School Councils, employees, anyone holding an appointment with the University, students, volunteers, external parties, contractors and suppliers.
University Community means university, students, administrative and staff personnel, members of the faculty and all other university employees.

Examples of University Community in a sentence

  • Spanish System ECTS Grading Scale Matrícula de Honor (MH) Excellent Sobresaliente (SOB) Very Good Notable (NOT) Good Notable (NOT) Satisfactory Aprobado (APR) Sufficient Suspenso / No presentado (SUS) / (N.P.) Fail Accommodation The University of Malaga has an Accomodation Service available for the University Community.

More Definitions of University Community

University Community means all university students, employees, and guests.
University Community means all full-time and part-time employees, all retired employees, all full-time and part-time students, all graduates and all members of the Board of Governors.
University Community means University trustees, officers, faculty, staff, students, and individuals providing services for the University as contractors or volunteers.
University Community means all students and staff of the University.
University Community means all University employees, Students, invited guests and members of the public present on the University Campus for legitimate and lawful purposes.
University Community means grouping of students and employees of the University, the entities that carry out a majority of their operations and activities at the University and in service to the University’s students and employees, and the individuals that carry out the operations and activities of those entities.
University Community means Students, staff, faculty, administration and religious community members of the University, but not their counterparts at the Law School.