Tyler definition

Tyler means Tyler Technologies, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Tyler means Tyler Technologies, Inc. and its operating units and divisions.
Tyler means Tyler Technologies, Inc., a Delaware corporation, as successor-in-interest to New World Systems.

Examples of Tyler in a sentence

  • Undergraduates are eligible to exercise grade replacement for only three course repeats during their career at UT Tyler; graduates are eligible for two grade replacements.

  • It is the policy of The University of Texas at Tyler to protect the confidential nature of social security numbers.

  • Every member of the UT Tyler community joins together to embrace: Honor and integrity that will not allow me to lie, cheat, or steal, nor to accept the actions of those who do.

  • V Tokmakov, C Torres, C Torrie, G Traylor, W Tyler, D Ugolini, C Ungarelli, M Vallisneri, M van Putten, S Vass, A Vecchio, J Veitch, C Vorvick, S.

  • All forms of tobacco will not be permitted on the UT Tyler main campus, branch campuses, and any property owned by UT Tyler.

More Definitions of Tyler

Tyler or “City” shall mean the City of Tyler, Texas, including all of its departments, agencies, and instrumentalities, and any successors thereto;
Tyler means Tyler Technologies, Inc. and its operating units and divisions. "Tyler Internet Site" means the Tyler efiling web sites (and all Enhancements thereto) with such other Web sites owned or maintained by Xxxxx and its affiliates from time to time. "Tyler Services" means, collectively, Xxxxx’x Odyssey File & Serve Application and any related services made available to You and any Authorized User from Xxxxx from time to time. "Tyler Technology" means any know-how, processes, methodologies, specifications, designs, inventions, functionality, graphics, techniques, methods, applications, computer programs, user manuals, on-line documentation, products or other technology and materials of any kind, or any Enhancement thereto, used by Xxxxx in connection with the performance of the Tyler Services or made available by Xxxxx to You, any Authorized User or any third party through the Tyler Internet Site. "Unauthorized Use" means any use, reproduction, distribution, disposition, possession, disclosure or other activity, including, without limitation, any bulk reselling involving any aspect of the Tyler Services, the Tyler Internet Site or Information that is not expressly authorized under this Agreement or otherwise in writing by Xxxxx. "User Identification" means the unique user identification name and password issued or otherwise assigned to each Authorized User for access to and use of the Tyler Services.
Tyler has the meaning set forth in preamble of this Agreement.
Tyler means Tyler Technologies, Inc. and its operating units and divisions. “Tyler Internet
Tyler has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Tyler means Tyler Navigation Inc., a corporation incorporated in the Republic of the Xxxxxxxx Islands, whose registered office is at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx XX 00000.
Tyler means Tyler Technologies, Inc., the third-party vendor with which the NCAOC has a contractual relationship to host Judicial Branch Data and provide eCourts Application(s) to the NCAOC for use by the Judicial Branch and, if the Addendum is executed by the NCAOC and the AGENCY, transmit Judicial Branch Data to the AGENCY Application for the purposes set forth in Section 3 of the Addendum.