Freeway definition

Freeway means a controlled-access highway that is part of the interstate system
Freeway means a controlled-access highway that is part of the interstate system as defined in Section 72-1-102.

Examples of Freeway in a sentence

  • Situated in Central Victoria, it is connected to Melbourne by the Calder Freeway and fast passenger train.

  • Gharaibeh, N.G., et al., Performance of Original and Resurfaced Pavements on the Illinois Freeway System.

  • There are four separate integration linkages described in this study: • Freeway Management and Incident Management (13),• Freeway Management and Traveler Information (10),• Freeway Management and Transit Management (12), and• Incident Management and Freeway Management (8).

  • One area that was singled out in the 1989 Barney Circle Freeway report is directly east of the eastern terminus of the John Philip Sousa Bridge (the Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge) where the site of the former Anacostin Fort may have been located (Flanagan et al.1989).Later in 1989, in response to the proposed planting and grading activities at Anacostia Park, Engineering- Science, Inc.

  • Figure 1: Gauteng Freeway Gantry LocationsANPR traffic data provides accurate and comprehensive data sets from wide spread locations.

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Freeway means a divided highway of not less than 2 lanes in each direction to which owners or occupants of abutting property or the public do not have a right of ingress or egress to, from, or across the highway, except at points determined by or as otherwise provided by the authorities responsible for the freeway.
Freeway means a state trunk highway that has 4 or more lanes of traffic physically separated by a median or barrier and that gives preference to through traffic by limiting access to interchanges only.
Freeway means a highway the function of which is to permit unimpeded traffic flow through urban areas and between their major elements or most important traffic generators such as the central business district, major shopping areas, major university, civic center, or a major sports stadium or pavilion.
Freeway means an expressway with full control of access.
Freeway means a road designated as a freeway by means of a road traffic sign;
Freeway means any section of a divided highway where the only access and egress for