Tunnel definition

Tunnel means a subterranean passage made by excavating beneath the over-burden into which a building worker enters or is required to enter to work;
Tunnel means one or more holes under or through the ground, mountains, rock formations, or other natural or man-made material, including roads, railroads, pipelines, and other means of transporting vehicles, people, or goods through any such tunnel, whether located in the tunnel or, to the extent the same connects the tunnel to other similar facilities, located outside the tunnel. "Tunnel" also means any ventilation, drainage, and support facilities, toll collection facilities, administrative facilities, and other facilities necessary or convenient to the acquisition, construction, improvement, equipping, operation, or maintenance of the tunnel or to the operation of the tunnel district, whether located within or without the tunnel.
Tunnel means a tunnel of one or more tubes.

Examples of Tunnel in a sentence

  • Stay to the right and follow signs to 95 South/Ft. McHenry Tunnel.

  • In case Tunnels are to be constructed, necessary input of Tunnel Experts shall be provided in addition to above mentioned Manpower requirement.

  • HULL TYPECathedral Deep Vee Displacement Flat Bottom Round Bottom Semi Vee Tunnel HullOther: 7.

  • Unless otherwise specified in the Bill of Quantities (BOQ), the Contractor has to make his own arrangement for dewatering/ bailing out of water, effluent including strutting, shoring etc at every stage of work wherever required (including Tunnel work) including working under foul condition as per direction of Engineer-In- Charge at his own cost and the Contractor shall not be entitled for any extra payment, whatsoever, in this regard.

  • Tunnel Test: Test for surface burning characteristics, with ratings for flame spread, fuel contribution, and/or smoke density; ASTM E 84, UL 723, or NFPA No. 255.

More Definitions of Tunnel

Tunnel means a generally horizontal excavation that is more than one metre long and located underground. (« tunnel »)
Tunnel or “adit” means a horizontal or moderately graded development opening into a mine through which persons and materials are transported and services, including ventilation, are maintained, or any combination of these functions or services is maintained;
Tunnel means a tunnel which carries a public street or utilities;
Tunnel means an underground passage that has an incline of not more than 45º from the horizontal; (tunnel)
Tunnel means a secure point-to-point connection between two environments, such as an on- premise device (or Device) and a cloud instance, two cloud environments, or a user and a cloud environment. A single Device may enable the creation of multiple Tunnels.