Raw water definition

Raw water means water withdrawn from a reservoir or well prior to any physical treatment of such water.
Raw water means water from a water body and held on or within property. "Raw water" does not include water from precipitation that is captured in a conveyance, structure, or depression that is not otherwise intended to function as a water body, or water from a potable water supply system, unless the water contains visible aquatic organisms.
Raw water means water in its natural state prior to any treatment.

Examples of Raw water in a sentence

  • Raw water from these tanks is fed into the treatment plants and is delivered to consumers after treatment.

More Definitions of Raw water

Raw water means water from a water body and held on or
Raw water means any untreated water.
Raw water means untreated water as obtained from the source.
Raw water means water that is obtained from a source by a public water supply before the public water supply provides any treatment or distributes the water to its customers.
Raw water means untreated water which is or may be abstracted from sources of sup-ply which is available for water supply purposes.
Raw water means untreated ground or surface water.
Raw water means water withdrawn from the Verdigris River pursuant to the Water Rights.