Definition of Transfer Processing Fee

Transfer Processing Fee means a nonrefundable fee of $15,000 for Lender's review of a proposed or completed Transfer.

Examples of Transfer Processing Fee in a sentence

E) At any time that one Person acquires 25% or more of the aggregate of direct or indirect Investor Interests as a result of the Investor Interest Transfer, Borrower must meet the following additional requirements: (1) Borrower pays to Lender the Transfer Processing Fee at the time the Borrower provides Lender with the Notice set forth in Section 7.03(d)(vi)(A).
A Transfer of any direct or indirect interests in Borrower held by an entity directly or indirectly owned and Controlled by Bluerock Residential Growth REIT, Inc. ("Bluerock Affiliate Transferor") to one or more "Bluerock Affiliate Transferor's Affiliates" ("Bluerock Affiliate Transfer") provided that each of the following conditions is satisfied: (A)Borrower provides Lender with at least 30 days prior Notice of the proposed Bluerock Affiliate Transfer and pays to Lender the Transfer Processing Fee.
Borrower must provide a replacement Guarantor pursuant to Section 9.01(p)(ii), then Borrower pays the Transfer Processing Fee to Lender.