Tort definition

Tort means in breach of contract.
Tort means in breach of contract
Tort means Delict

Examples of Tort in a sentence

  • Jenny Domino, Crime as Cognitive Constraint: Facebook’s Role in Myan- mar’s Incitement Landscape and the Promise of International Tort Liability, 52 CASE W.

  • The foregoing provision shall not be deemed a relinquishment or waiver of any kind of applicable limitations of liability provided in the Oregon Tort Claims Act.

  • A good faith report from a staff member is not grounds for any legal liability and, since such reports are a condition of the staff member’s employment is considered to have been made in the course of employment for purposes of employment the Municipal Tort Claims Act, M.G.L. Ch. 258.

  • See also Colin Feasby, “Corporate Agents’ Liability in Tort: A Comment on ADGA Systems International Ltd v Valcom Ltd” (1999) 32:2 Can Bus LJ 291 (who states that ADGA “expands the ambit of directors’ and officers’ liability” at 291); Jassmine Girgis, “Deepening Insolvency in Canada?” (2008) 53:1 McGill LJ 167 at 194 (who also asserts that ADGA and ScotiaMcLeod represent two lines of authority).

  • Any such indemnification hereunder is subject to the limitations of the Idaho Tort Claims Act (currently codified at chapter 9, title 6, Idaho Code).

More Definitions of Tort

Tort means any legal wrong, breach of duty, or negligent or unlawful act or omission proximately causing injury or damage to another.
Tort means a legal wrong, independent of contract,
Tort means a civil wrong which is not exclusively the breach of a contract or the breach of a trust;
Tort shall include “extracontractual liability,” (k) “bailor” shall include “depositor” and “bailee” shall include “depositary,” (l) “goods” shall include “corporeal movable property” other than chattel paper, documents of title, instruments, money and securities, (m) an “agent” shall include a “mandatary,” (n) “construction liens” shall include “legal hypothecs in favour of persons having taken part in the construction or renovation of an immovable,” (o) “joint and several” shall include “solidary,” (p) “gross negligence or willful misconduct” shall be deemed to be “intentional or gross fault,” (q) “beneficial ownership” shall include “ownership” and “legal title” shall include holding title on behalf of an owner as mandatary or prete-nom”; (r) “easement” shall include “servitude,” (s) “priority” shall include “prior claim” or “rank,” as applicable; (t) “survey” shall include “certificate of location and plan,” (u) “state” shall include “province,” (v) “fee simple title” shall include “ownership,” (w) “accounts” shall include “claims,” (x) “conditional sale” shall include “instalment sale,” (y) “purchase money financing” or “purchase money lien” shall include “instalment sales, reservations of ownership, contracts of lease, leasing contracts and vendor’s hypothecs.” The parties hereto confirm that it is their wish that this Agreement and any other document executed in connection with the transactions contemplated herein be drawn up in the English language only and that all other documents contemplated thereunder or relating thereto, including notices, may also be drawn up in the English language only. Les parties aux présentes confirment que c’est leur volonté que cette convention et les autres documents de crédit soient rédigés en langue anglaise seulement et que tous les documents, y compris tous avis, envisagés par cette convention et les autres documents peuvent être rédigés en langue anglaise seulement.
Tort means the breach of a legal duty that is imposed by law, other than a duty arising