Timberland definition

Timberland means land, other than land owned by the federal government and land designated by the board as experimental forest land, which is available for, and capable of, growing a crop of trees of a commercial species used to produce lumber and other forest products, including Christmas trees. Commercial species shall be determined by the board on a district basis.
Timberland means forestland that is producing or is capable of producing timber as a crop.
Timberland means privately owned land, or land acquired for state forest purposes, which is devoted to and used for growing and harvesting timber, or for growing and harvesting timber and compatible uses, and which is capable of growing an average annual volume of wood fiber of at least 15 cubic feet per acre.

Examples of Timberland in a sentence

  • At Timberland (debtor) this works with a camera, or the operator has to call the front desk to open the gate.

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  • Yeas: 4 - Nays: 0 CONSULTANTS Re: Gray & Company –Timber PresentationsMr. Kelsen said that Forest Investment Associates, L.P. (FIA) and RMK Timberland Group were asked to make presentations for the Board’s consideration.

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  • To set parameters for employees when using Timberland Regional Library (TRL) equipment and resources.

More Definitions of Timberland

Timberland means forestland, within a forest protection district, that has not been classified as Class 3, agricultural class, under ORS 526.305 to 526.370. [1965 c.253
Timberland means land, which is growing or available for and capable of growing a crop of trees of any commercial species used to produce lumber and other forest products, as defined under section 4526 of the Public Resources Code.
Timberland means land classified under chapter 84.34 RCW or designated under chapter 84.33 RCW, including any structures and standing timber on such land, and standing timber sold apart from the land upon which it sits.
Timberland means any parcel of land that is five or more acres or multiple parcels of land that are contiguous and total five or more acres which is or are devoted primarily to the growth and harvest of timber for commercial purposes. Timberland means the land only and does not include a residential homesite. The term includes land used for incidental uses that are compatible with the growing and harvesting of timber but no more than ten percent of the land may be used for such incidental uses. It also includes the land on which appurtenances necessary for the production, preparation, or sale of the timber products exist in conjunction with land producing these products.
Timberland means any land on which there is a sufficient number of trees, standing or down, to constitute, in the judgment of the department, a forest insect or forest dis- ease breeding ground of a nature to constitute a menace, inju- rious and dangerous to permanent forest growth in the district under consideration.
Timberland means any real property owned by the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary which contains standing timber which is (or upon completion of a growth cycle then in process is expected to become) of a commercial quantity and of merchantable quality, excluding, however, any such real property which at the time of determination is designated by the Board of Directors of the Company as being held primarily for development or sale, rather than primarily for the production of timber. (Section 101)