Farmland definition

Farmland means land actively devoted to agricultural or
Farmland means farmland that is outside all existing city spheres of influence or city limits as of January 1, 2008, and is one of the following:
Farmland means agricultural land that is suitable for use in farming as defined in section 9H.1.

Examples of Farmland in a sentence

  • Farmland includes grazing or pasture land, whether tillable or not and whether wooded or not.

  • Farmland includes all land known to be used or usable for agricultural purposes, such as crop and livestock production.

  • The most productive Important Farmland Soils, determined in accordance with NRCS USDA soil survey data, NJDA and the local SCD shall be given priority in determining the area set aside for agricultural preservation within the Cluster Project Area.

  • Farmland Protection Policy Act of 1981 (7 U.S.C. § 4201, et seq.) particularly sections 1540(b) and 1541 (7 U.S.C. §§ 4201(b) and 4202); and Farmland Protection Policy (Department of Agriculture-7 C.F.R. part 658).

  • The Agricultural Resource Area (ARA) consists of the areas of most concentrated and contiguous agricultural uses in the Highlands Area and contains major areas of Important Farmland Soils.

More Definitions of Farmland

Farmland means agricultural land that is principally used for farming as defined in section 9H.1.
Farmland means former agricultural land lying idle and presently not producing 20 cubic feet of merchantable tim- ber per acre per year.
Farmland means land actively devoted to agricultural or horticultural use that is valued, assessed, and taxed pursuant to the "Farmland Assessment Act of 1964," P.L.1964, c.48 (C.54:4-23.1 et seq.).
Farmland means Farmland Industries, Inc., a Kansas cooperative corporation.
Farmland means prime or unique farmlands as defined in section 1540(c)(1) of the Act or farmland that is determined by the appropriate state or unit of local government agency or agencies with concurrence of the Sec- retary to be farmland of statewide of local importance. ‘‘Farmland’’ does not include land already in or committed to urban development or water storage. Farmland ‘‘already in’’ urban develop- ment or water storage includes all such land with a density of 30 structures per 40-acre area. Farmland already in urban development also includes lands identified as ‘‘urbanized area’’ (UA) on the Census Bureau Map, or as urban area mapped with a ‘‘tint overprint’’ on the USGS topographical maps, or as ‘‘urban-built-up’’ on the USDA Impor- tant Farmland Maps. Areas shown as white on the USDA Important Farm- land Maps are not ‘‘farmland’’ and, therefore, are not subject to the Act. Farmland ‘‘committed to urban devel- opment or water storage’’ includes all such land that receives a combined score of 160 points or less from the land evaluation and site assessment cri- teria.
Farmland means land used for the production of food, fiber, or other agricultural products.
Farmland means real estate, exclusive of any housesite, which is actively and exclusively devoted to farming and is operated or leased as a farm enterprise by the owner.