Qualified investment definition

Qualified investment has the meaning set forth in Section 313.021(1) of the TEXAS TAX CODE, as interpreted by the Comptroller’s Rules.
Qualified investment means any investment, which is a qualified investment for a registered retirement income fund according to Applicable Laws;
Qualified investment means:

Examples of Qualified investment in a sentence

  • Exhibit 3 Applicant’s Qualified Investment Xxxxx Renewable Energy, LLC is a renewable energy generation facility located in southwestern Potter County and Bushland Independent School District.

  • The Land on which the Qualified Property shall be located and on which the Qualified Investment shall be made is described in EXHIBIT 2, which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference for all purposes.

  • Pursuant to Section 313.0275 of the TEXAS TAX CODE, in the event that the Applicant fails to make $80,000,000 of Qualified Investment, in whole or in part, during the Qualifying Time Period, the Applicant is liable to the State for a penalty.

More Definitions of Qualified investment

Qualified investment means an expense incurred in the Commonwealth by a participating utility in
Qualified investment means investment in this state related to a project subject to a written agreement under this section.
Qualified investment means an investment by an angel investor of cash in a qualified business for common or preferred stock or an equity interest or a purchase for cash of subordinated debt in a qualified business. Investment of common or preferred stock or an equity interest or purchase of subordinated debt does not qualify as a qualified investment if a broker fee or commission or a similar remuneration is paid or given directly or indirectly for soliciting an investment or a purchase.
Qualified investment means any investment which is a qualified investment for a TFSA according to the Tax Act;
Qualified investment means the amount of capital invested by an investor in the fund.
Qualified investment means a cash investment in a qualified small business of a minimum of:
Qualified investment has the meaning as that term is defined in §313.021(1) of the Code.