the State definition

the State means the Karnataka State
the State means the State of Western Australia;
the State means the State of New South Wales;

Examples of the State in a sentence

  • The State may take action to protect the interests of the state of Minnesota, including the refusal to disburse additional funds and requiring the return of all or part of the funds already disbursed.

  • The State may immediately terminate this grant agreement if the State finds that there has been a failure to comply with the provisions of this grant agreement, that reasonable progress has not been made or that the purposes for which the funds were granted have not been or will not be fulfilled.

  • The State will promptly pay the Grantee after the Grantee presents an itemized invoice for the services actually performed and the State’s Authorized Representative accepts the invoiced services.

  • The State shall monitor Local Agency’s performance in a manner that does not unduly interfere with Local Agency’s performance of the Work.

  • The State owns all rights, title and interest in all of the intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and service marks in the Works and Documents created and paid for under this grant agreement.

More Definitions of the State

the State means Ireland;
the State means the State of Queensland.
the State means the state of Michigan.
the State means the State of Western Australia or the colony of Western Australia prior to the establishment of the Commonwealth;
the State means the Republic of Ireland;
the State means the State of New Jersey and all of its
the State means the State of Western Australia; Reference in this Indenture to any Act shall include the amendments to such Act for the time being in force and also any Act passed in substitution therefor or in lieu thereof or which forms part of and is incorporated therein and the regulations for the time being in force thereunder. FIRST SCHEDULE (“the land”) Lots 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 and 59 on L.T.O. Plan 14756, Xxxx 00, 00 xxx 00 xx X.X.X. Xxxx 00000 and Lot 61 on L.T.O. Diagram 67078 (copies of the said plans and diagram having been initialled by or on behalf of the Lessor and the Company for the purpose of identification). Encumbrance As to Xxxx 00, 00, xxx 00 xx X.X.X. Xxxx 00000 only — Transfer (Water Authority easement). SECOND SCHEDULE (“the demised land”) THAT portion of Xxx 00 xx X.X.X. Xxxx 00000 delineated and outlined grey. The right for the Company its servants agents and workmen at all times and for all purposes connected with the demised land and the licensed areas and with or without vehicles to enter upon those portions of the land hereunder in this Schedule mentioned (“this licensed area”) and to construct and maintain thereon or therein a power line or power lines and the Company agrees with the Lessor: