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Campfire means a small outdoor fire intended for recreation or cooking not including a fire intended for disposal of waste wood or refuse.
Campfire means any open fire used for cooking, personal warmth, lighting, ceremonial or aesthetic purposes that is hand built and that is not associated with any debris disposal activities.
Campfire means a fire which is used for cooking, personal warmth, lighting, ceremonial, or aesthetic purposes, including fires contained within outdoor fireplaces and enclosed stoves with flues or chimneys, stoves using jellied, liquid, solid, or gaseous fuels, portable barbecue pits and braziers, or space heating devices which are used outside any structure, mobilehome, or living accommodation mounted on a motor vehicle. "Campfire" does not include portable lanterns designed to emit light resulting from a combustion process.

Examples of Campfire in a sentence

  • Campfire RegulationsYou must have a California Campfire Permit to use a stove, lantern, or campfire outside a developed campground or recreation area.

  • On private lands, written permission from the landowner is also required for campfire use.Campfire Permit Sample When you sign a Campfire Permit you agree to:Know and comply with all current fire restrictions for the area where you plan to use a campfire.Clear all flammable materials from the ground for 5 feet in all directions from the edge of the fire.

  • Reno Rodeo Foundation Upcoming Events• Monday, July 9, Artown Family Series Kids Rodeo and Campfire Storytelling at Wingfield Park, from 6 to 8 pm• Thursday, July 26, Reno Rodeo Foundation Blood Drive from 1:30 pm to 6 pm at Famous Dave’s.

  • Campfire Permits are required for open fires, such as campfire, barbecues and portable stoves on federally controlled lands and private lands that are the property of another person.

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Campfire means a fire, not within any building, mobile home or living accommodation mounted on a motor vehicle, which is used for cooking, personal warmth, lighting, ceremonial, or esthetic purposes. “Fire” includes campfire.
Campfire means an outdoor fire that is used for cooking, per- sonal warmth, lighting, or ceremonial or esthetic purposes. For the purposes of this chapter, "campfire" does not include a fire within any building, mobile home, motor vehicle, or recreational vehicle.
Campfire means an Open Air Fire, having a maximum fuel volume of .6 metres x.6 metres x .6 metres (2 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet), that is set or maintained in an approved pit or outdoor fireplace and is used solely for the purposes of cooking food, providing warmth or recreational enjoyment.
Campfire means a small outdoor fire in a fire pit or surrounded by a fire ring, intended for recreation or cooking.
Campfire means an open fire that is
Campfire means a fire not exceeding one meter in diameter and one meter in height used for the purpose of cooking or to provide heat and light associated with camping, backyard fire pits and recreation
Campfire means an open air fire that burns piled material no larger than 0.5m in height and 0.5 m in width and is used by any person for recreational purpose, or by a First Nation for a ceremonial purpose.