the Gazette definition

the Gazette means the Botswana Government Gazette;
the Gazette means the Belize Government Gazette and includes any supplement thereto;
the Gazette means such publication as may for the time being be appointed by the Governor to be the publication in which Government notices are published by authority and includes any supplement thereto in which Government notices are published;

Examples of the Gazette in a sentence

  • Resolution No. 12011/09/2004-BCC dated 16/01/2006 published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary Part I Section I No. 210 dated 16/01/2006.Shri/Smt./Kum.and/or his family ordinarily reside(s) in the_District/Division of _State.This is also to certify that he/she does not belong to the persons/sections (Creamy Layer) mentioned in Column 3 of the Scheduled to the Government of India.

  • Temporary Speaker, I do agree that the Committee on Delegated Legislation should have the power to make a resolution that requires either the cabinet secretary or any other regulation-making authority to publish the notice in the Gazette.

  • Any offence punishable under section 26 may either before or after the institution of prosecution, be compounded by such officers or authorities and for such amount as the Government may, by notification in the Gazette, specify in this behalf.

  • The Minister, after consultation with the Minister of Finance, may by notice in the Gazette issue guidelines to assist municipalities in the exercise of their power to levy rates consistent with subsection (16.1).

  • This Act comes into force on a date or dates appointed by the Attorney-General by notice in the Gazette.

More Definitions of the Gazette

the Gazette means the Jamaica Gazette;
the Gazette means the official Gazette of the Government of Zambia; "High Court" means the High Court established by this Constitution;
the Gazette means the official Gazette of the Virgin Islands;
the Gazette means the gazette published under section 34 of the Plant Variety and Seeds Act 1964;
the Gazette means the official Gazette of the Government of Zambia;
the Gazette means the Edinburgh Gazette;