Definition of Term Loan Repayment Date

Term Loan Repayment Date means, upon the exercise by the Borrowers of the Term Loan Election, the date which is one year after the Current Termination Date in effect on the date of the election of the Term Loan Election.
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Examples of Term Loan Repayment Date in a sentence

Each Borrower shall repay the principal amount (or the portion thereof remaining after giving effect to any earlier partial repayment thereof) of each Term Loan Advance outstanding to such Borrower from each Bank on the Term Loan Repayment Date.
The aggregate principal amount of the Term Loan Advances, together with all accrued and unpaid interest thereon, and all outstanding fees, costs and expenses incurred in connection herewith, shall be due and payable on the Term Loan Repayment Date.
CFSC's obligations under this Article IX shall remain in full force and effect until the Commitments are terminated and the principal of and interest on the Advances to CIF and CFC and all other amounts payable by CFSC, CIF and CFC under this Agreement, the Local Currency Addendum and the Japan Local Currency Addendum shall have been paid in full and shall survive the Current Termination Date, the Extended Termination Date and the Term Loan Repayment Date, as applicable.
Additional Term Loan Repayment Date has the meaning specified in Section 2.07(b).
Any prepayments of Term Loans pursuant to Section 2.10(b)(viii) shall be applied to reduce future scheduled amortization payments required under Section 2.09 (including the payment due on the applicable Term Loan Maturity Date) on a pro rata basis among the payments remaining to be made on each Term Loan Repayment Date.