Definition of Term Loan Committed Amount

Term Loan Committed Amount means, for each Lender, the amount of such Lender's Term Loan Commitment.

Term Loan Committed Amount means ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS ($100,000,000.00).

Examples of Term Loan Committed Amount in a sentence

Any amounts remaining under the Term Loan Committed Amount subsequent to the date forty (40) days after the Effective Date shall no longer be available and the Lenders shall have no further obligation to fund any additional Term Loans.
Each Lender's "Term Loan Committed Amount" shall be equal to the amount set forth as its "Term Loan Committed Amount" below its name on the signature pages hereof, and subject to transfer to another Lender as provided in Section 9.14.
Subject to the terms and conditions and relying upon the representations and warranties herein set forth, each Lender, severally and not jointly, agrees (such agreement being herein called such Lender's "Term Loan Commitment") to make a loan (the "Loan") to the Borrower on the Closing Date in such principal amount as may be requested by the Borrower but not exceeding such Lender's Term Loan Committed Amount.
All outstanding Delayed Draw Term Loan Commitments shall automatically terminate on the earlier of (x) the second Delayed Draw Funding Date and (y) the Delayed Draw Termination Date, whether or not the full amount of available Delayed Draw Term Loan Committed Amount are borrowed.
Each Term Loan Note issued with respect to Term Loans provided under the initial Term Loan Commitment shall be dated the Closing Date and each Term Loan Note issued with respect to Term Loans provided under the New Tranche B Term Loan Committed Amount shall be dated the Third Amendment Effective Date.