Definition of Term Facility A

Term Facility A means the Term Facility to be entered into on the Plan Effective Date by the RBL Lenders that have elected Option 1, having the terms set forth on Annex A to this Plan Term Sheet. It is understood that if all RBL Lenders elect Option 1, the principal amount of the Term Facility A shall be in the aggregate amount of $125 million, and if any RBL Lenders elect Option 2, such $125 million amount shall be reduced dollar for dollar by the amount of such $125 million that would otherwise have been attributable to Option 2 RBL Lenders had they elected Option 1. Contemporaneously with the issuance of the Term Facility A, certain Consenting Senior Note Holders will, pursuant to the Backstop Commitment Agreement, purchase in cash, and the RBL Lenders that have elected Option 1 will sell, $31.25 million in principal amount of Term Facility A, at par, based on their Option 1 Pro Rata Share; provided, however, that such $31.25 million in principal amount of Term Facility A to be purchased shall not be subject to any reduction for the RBL Lenders, if any, that elect Option 2 or otherwise.

Examples of Term Facility A in a sentence

Each Mandatory Prepayment shall be applied pro-rata to reduce the then remaining Term Facility A Scheduled Repayments and Term Facility B Scheduled Repayments in the inverse order of maturity.
Term Facility A was originally for an amount of US$15 billion, of which US$8.9 billion remained outstanding at 31 December 2008.
For Term Facility A, the margin ranges between 0.90% per annum and 1.35% per annum.
If all Term Facility A Loans have been satisfied, the entire amount of Mandatory Prepayments shall be applied to Term Facility B Scheduled Repayments.
The Purchaser Facilities Agreement provides for two term facilities in an aggregate amount of U.S. $5,000,000,000 ("Purchaser Term Facility A") and U.S. $10,000,000,000 ("Purchaser Term Facility B" and together with Purchaser Term Facility A, the "Purchaser Term Facilities"), respectively, to be made available to Purchaser for the purposes of financing the acquisition of the Common Shares and ADSs pursuant to the Offers.