Definition of Term Facility A

Term Facility A means the term facility made available under this Agreement as described in paragraph (d) of Clause 2.1 (The Facilities).

Examples of Term Facility A in a sentence

Each Mandatory Prepayment shall be applied pro-rata to reduce the then remaining Term Facility A Scheduled Repayments and Term Facility B Scheduled Repayments in the inverse order of maturity.
The Term Facility A bears interest of 15% per annum and the Term Facility B bears interest of 10% per annum.
The Tranche A Term Loans shall be repayable in quarterly installments in aggregate amounts for each Loan Year (expressed as a percentage of the aggregate amount borrowed) as set forth below: Loan Year Amount 2 and 3 0% 4 10.0% 5 15.0% 6 15.0% 7 20.0% 8 25.0% 82 15.0% 7 2 Tranche B Term Facility: A 9-year term loan facility (the "Tranche B Term Facility") in an aggregate principal amount equal to $450,000,000 (the loans thereunder, the "Tranche B Term Loans").
Pursuant to the Loan Agreement, the Term Facility A and Term Facility B (collectively Thor II) are originally due and payable in full on December 31, 2010.
Term Facility: A term facility in an aggregate principal amount of $250 million (the "Term Facility").