Definition of Term B Facilities

Term B Facilities means, collectively, the Term B-1 Facility and the Term B-2 Facility.
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Examples of Term B Facilities in a sentence

Borrowings of more than one Type and under more than one Facility may be outstanding at the same time; provided, that there shall not at any time be more than a total of (i) ten Eurocurrency Borrowings outstanding under the Term B Facility, (ii) ten Eurocurrency Borrowings outstanding under Incremental Term Facilities that are not Term B Facilities and (iii) ten Eurocurrency Borrowings outstanding under the Revolving Facility.
Types and Amounts of Facilities Term B Facilities Amount and Tenor: Term B Loan Facility: A 9-year term loan facility (the "Term B Loan Facility") in an aggregate principal amount equal to $125,000,000 (the loans thereunder being the "Term B Loans").
For example, a Group may, in the ordinary course of business, engage in trading in financial products or undertake other investment businesses for their own account or on behalf of other clients, including without limitation, trading in or holding long, short or derivative positions in securities, loans or other financial products of the Company or its affiliates or other entities connected with the Additional Term B Facilities Amount or the transactions contemplated hereby.
The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that pursuant to the Existing Commitment Letter, the Lead Arrangers, the Term Borrower and the Commitment Parties holding, in the aggregate, a majority of the commitments under the Facilities hereby exercise their right to reallocate $100 million of commitments under the Bridge Facility to the Term B Facilities.
Revolving Facility Amount and Tenor: 82 year reducing revolving loan facility (the "Revolving Facility"; the commitments thereunder are the "Revolving Commitments"; the Revolving Facility, the Term B Facilities and the Incremental Facility, if any, collectively, are the "Credit Facilities") in the amount of $175,000,000 (the loans thereunder, together with (unless the context otherwise requires) the Swingline Loans referred to below, being the "Revolving Loans").