Revolving Facilities definition

Revolving Facilities means collectively the Initial Revolving Facility and each New Revolving Facility and “Revolving Facility” means any such facility individually.
Revolving Facilities means the U.S. Revolving Facility, the Canadian Revolving Facility and each New Revolving Facility and “Revolving Facility” refers to any such facility individually.
Revolving Facilities means one or more customary bank debt facilities, in each case with banks or other institutional lenders providing for revolving credit loans (including, without limitation, the portion of the Credit Agreement existing on the Issue Date that provides for revolving credit loans), in each case, as amended, extended, renewed, refinanced, restated, repaid, replaced, supplemented or otherwise modified (in whole or in part, and without limitation as to amount, terms, conditions, covenants and other provisions, but, in each case, only to the extent such modified bank debt facility provides for revolving credit loans, and without giving effect to any letters of credit outstanding thereunder) from time to time. For the avoidance of doubt, Revolving Facilities shall exclude any Indebtedness issued in a capital markets transaction, whether publicly or privately made and any Indebtedness that may not be reborrowed when repaid.

Examples of Revolving Facilities in a sentence

  • Borrowings of more than one Type may be outstanding at the same time; provided, however, that the Borrower shall not be entitled to request any Borrowing that, if made, would result in more than (i) 10 SOFR Borrowings outstanding under all Term Facilities at any time and (ii) 10 SOFR Borrowings and CDOR Rate Borrowings outstanding in the aggregate under all Revolving Facilities at any time.

  • Jointly with other Maersk Drilling entities, the Company has guaranteed a total of USD 1,365 million related to a Term and Revolving Facilities Agreement held by The Drilling Company of 1972 A/S.

  • The extendible secured Revolving Facilities are comprised of a US$50 million operating loan and a US$325 million syndicated revolving loan for Baytex and a US$200 million syndicated revolving loan for Baytex's wholly-owned subsidiary, Baytex Energy USA, Inc.

  • The Revolving Facilities consisted of a Revolving A Facility and a Revolving B Facility.

  • Baytex may, once in each calendar year, request that the lenders under the Revolving Facilities extend the revolving period for up to four years (subject to a maximum four-year term at any time).

More Definitions of Revolving Facilities

Revolving Facilities means, collectively, the Canadian Revolving Facility and the U.S. Revolving Facility.
Revolving Facilities means, collectively, the Dollar Revolving Facility and the Approved Currency Revolving Facility.
Revolving Facilities means (a) the Revolving Credit Facility, (b) any Specified Refinancing Debt constituting revolving credit facility commitments and (c) the aggregate principal amount of the Revolving Credit LendersExtended Revolving Credit Commitments in respect of any Extension, in each case, including the extensions of credit made thereunder.
Revolving Facilities means a collective reference to (i) the revolving loan facility established pursuant to Section 2.1 and (ii) the Existing Five-Year Facility.
Revolving Facilities has the meaning specified in Section 2.16(a).
Revolving Facilities means U.S. Revolving Facility and Multicurrency Revolving Facility collectively and “Revolving Facility” shall refer to any one of them individually as the context requires.