Definition of B3 Facility

B3 Facility means the term loan facility granted to the Company pursuant to Clause 2.1(e)(i) (The Facilities).
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Examples of B3 Facility in a sentence

As set forth in Section 2.18(b) of the Credit Agreement, optional prepayments of any Term B-3 Loans shall be applied to the remaining installments of the Term B-3 Facility as specified by the Borrower.
In addition, during the Availability Period in respect of the Term B2 Facility and the Term B3 Facility, the Borrower may, upon notice to the Administrative Agent as set forth above, from time to time terminate (in whole or in part) the unused portion of the aggregate Term B2 Commitments or the Term B3 Commitments, as the case may be.
Majority Term B-3 Facility Lenders: the Majority Facility Lenders in respect of the Term B-3 Facility.
For the avoidance of doubt, members of the Telewest Group which have granted guarantees and security in respect of the A Facility, the A1 Facility and the B1 Facility shall continue to be treated as Guarantors for the purposes of this 80% Security Test, notwithstanding any subsequent failure to satisfy the provisions of Sections 151 to 158 of the Act with respect to the granting of guarantees and security in respect of the B2 Facility, the B3 Facility and/or the B4 Facility.
B2 Facility, B3 Facility and B4 Facility shall be applied towards the repayment of the Bridge Facility, through a series of transactions as more particularly described in the Steps Paper.