Definition of Terabeam Licensed Products

Terabeam Licensed Products means all Networking Products now or hereafter Distributed, or offered for distribution, by Terabeam as its own product (including products of Terabeam's design on a private label basis for third parties), or offered by Terabeam for lease, sale, or other transfer as its own product, provided, however, that Terabeam Licensed Products do not include component products that are not themselves recognized as finished equipment (for example, without limitation, transceiver modules and integrated circuit devices are not finished equipment) that are either designed or marketed for incorporation into third party products as constituent components or subassemblies (further provided that Existing Products of Terabeam as of the date of this Agreement and Follow On Products thereto are included).
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Examples of Terabeam Licensed Products in a sentence

At the reasonable request of the other Party, Terabeam and Symbol hereby agree to place upon each of the respective Terabeam Licensed Products and Symbol Licensed Products, appropriate patent notices consistent with the reasonable practices of each Party.