Definition of Tenement

Tenement means the area (or part thereof) outlined in the Recipient's licence or lease granted under the Mining Act 1978 (WA) that relates to the Project as set out in Schedule 1;

Tenement means an independent dwelling unit with a kitchen or a cooking alcove.
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Examples of Tenement in a sentence

This Agreement may be amended only by an instrument in --------- writing signed by the owners of the Servient Tenement and the Dominant Tenement and recorded in the Official Records of Santa Clara County, State of California.
Provided that rental payable in respect of any Mining Tenement deemed to continue in accordance with this Clause in respect of which rental is payable shall be at the rate applicable to all mining leases granted under the Mining Act 1968-1983 as at the date on which the renewal of the term of the Mining Tenement in respect of which rental is payable would become effective but for the provisions of this Clause.
Enforcement of compliance with the provisions of this Indenture and with the conditions of any Special Tenement shall rest only with the State, the Minister and the Joint Venturers.
The Grantee shall be deemed to be the sole occupier of the Servient Tenement and shall arrange a public risk insurance policy to cover any liability arising from such occupancy.
That the Grantor shall pursuant to the powers granted to it under the S.G.I.O. easement cause the S.G.I.O. at all times to keep and maintain the surface of the Servient Tenement in good reasonable and trafficable condition.