Definition of Tenement

Tenement means the Contract Area (as defined in the MREA) and which at the Effective Date incorporates the area delineated and described in Schedule 1 and includes any other mining title or right to explore or to use land in connection with exploration or mining activities and which becomes subject to this Agreement, and includes any renewals, extensions, modifications, substitutions or variations thereof and any other mining titles held from time to time by Argonaut Laos in respect of the area of the Tenement or any part thereof, and any interest therein.

Examples of Tenement in a sentence

This Agreement may be amended only by an instrument in --------- writing signed by the owners of the Servient Tenement and the Dominant Tenement and recorded in the Official Records of Santa Clara County, State of California.
The rights, obligations, terms and conditions of the -------------- easement, covenants and restrictions described in this Agreement shall run with the Servient Tenement and shall be binding upon the persons holding any interest in the Servient Tenement and upon their respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns and shall inure to the benefit of the persons holding any interest in the Dominant Tenement and to their respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns.
Additional Tenement Area means the area shown or a substantial part of the area shown on the diagram attached as Annexure A. Agreed Care and Maintenance Program means the care and maintenance program in respect of the Business Assets set out in Annexure F. Area of the No.
The Electrical Connection Easement shall include a right of way along the Easement Area for the ingress to, egress from and access to the Easement Area, from, over and across the Servient Tenement for the purpose of exercising the rights granted herein, subject to the conditions, obligations and rights set forth in this Agreement 3.
Equinix shall cause all construction to be conducted in a good workmanlike manner and shall use its reasonable efforts to minimize any disruption of use of the Servient Tenement, including, without limitation, the activities of IBM or its employees, agents or contractors.