Easements definition

Easements shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.12.
Easements means rights-of-way, easements, permits, licenses, approvals, servitudes and franchises specifically acquired for, or used in connection with, operations for the exploration and production of oil, gas or other minerals on or from the Interests or otherwise in connection with the Xxxxx, Equipment or Surface Agreements, including, without limitation, the rights to permits and licenses of any nature owned, held or operated in connection with said operations.
Easements means all easements, rights of way, Permits, prescriptive rights and other ways of necessity, whether or not of record, relating to real property.

Examples of Easements in a sentence

  • A clause/statement wording confirming that the Easement(s) being granted shall be maintained and or registered on title in perpetuity and shall not be amended, released or otherwise dealt with without the express written consent of the City.

  • That the property owner’s Solicitor shall provide a satisfactory Solicitor’s Undertaking, to register the approved Transfer Easement(s) and to immediately thereafter provide copies thereof to the City Solicitor.

  • Easements down rear lot lines or additionally across lots, if deemed necessary by the planning commission, shall be provided for utilities (private or public).

  • Easements, licenses, and leases are not considered “dispositions” subject to the Tribal Land Transfer Policy.

  • Legislative Update Public Act 67, An Act Concerning Maintenance of Private Easements and Rights-of-WayThis act requires the owners of residential real property using a common right of way to share the cost of maintaining the right of way, including snow removal, in proportion to the benefit received by each property owner, unless a written agreement among the owners provides otherwise.

More Definitions of Easements

Easements means the Borrower’s existing and future interests in and to the declarations, easements, covenants, and restrictions appurtenant to the Land.
Easements has the meaning set forth in Section 3.10(b).
Easements means easements, rights of way, licenses, land use permits and other similar agreements granting rights in the owned real property of another Person.
Easements means all easements, license agreements, railroad crossing rights, rights-of-way, leases for rights-of-way, and similar use and access rights related to the Purchased Assets or Business.
Easements has the meaning ascribed to it in the Granting Clauses.
Easements has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.3.