Riparian area definition

Riparian area means the transition area between flowing water and terrestrial (land) ecosystems composed of trees, shrubs and surrounding vegetation which serve to stabilize erodible soil, improve both surface and ground water quality, increase stream shading and enhance wildlife habitat.
Riparian area means the area adjacent to a stream that may be subject to temporary, frequent or seasonal inundation, and supports plant species that are typical of an area of inundated or saturated soil conditions, and that are distinct from plant species on freely drained adjacent upland sites because of the presence of water;
Riparian area means a geographically delineated area with

Examples of Riparian area in a sentence

  • Riparian area is a form of wetland transition between permanently satu- rated wetlands and upland areas.

  • The setback must contain Natural Vegetation, including a combination of trees, shrubs, grasses, and Forbs to form a Vegetated Buffer in a Riparian area.

  • Riparian area refers to the vegetated area next to a watercourse often thought of as the floodplain and its connected uplands.

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More Definitions of Riparian area

Riparian area means a zone of transition from an aquatic ecosystem to a terrestrial ecosystem, dependent upon surface or subsurface water, that reveals through the zone’s existing or potential soil-vegetation complex the influence of such surface or subsurface water. A riparian area may be located adjacent to a lake, reservoir, estuary, pothole, spring, bog, wet meadow, muskeg or ephemeral, intermittent or perennial stream.
Riparian area means the ground along a water of the state where the vegetation and microclimate are influenced by year-round or seasonal water, associated high water tables, and soils which exhibit some wetness characteristics.
Riparian area means the area or zone adjacent to a navi- gable stream or other body of water.
Riparian area means an area that is adjacent to a body of water.
Riparian area means an area of land on the banks or in the vicinity of a waterbody, which due to the presence of water supports, or in the absence of human intervention would naturally support, an ecosystem that is distinctly different from that of adjacent upland areas (The Water Protection Act 2005);
Riparian area means an area that does not meet the definition of wetlands found at 15A NCAC 2B .0202 and that is located within 300 feet of any perennial or intermittent water body as shown by the most recently published version of the United States Geological Survey 1:24,000 (7.5 minute) scale topographic map (available at or other site-specific data.
Riparian area means the area adjacent to watercourses that if naturally vegetated and/or appropriately revegetated and appropriately sized, limits erosion, reduces flood flows, and/or filters and settles out runoff pollutants, or which performs other functions consistent with the purposes of these regulations.