Definition of Tenant Improvement Contract

Tenant Improvement Contract means the contract with the Tenant Improvement Contractor for the construction of the Tenant Improvement Work.

Examples of Tenant Improvement Contract in a sentence

Lessor shall manage the construction of the Tenant Improvements for a construction management fee of 2.5% of the Tenant Improvement Contract amount (as the same may change by agreement of the parties) due and payable in nine equal monthly installments beginning on the first day of the calendar month following the calendar month in which the Budget is first approved.
Tenant shall name authorized construction representatives for purposes of completing and coordinating the Tenant Improvement Contract with the Landlord Improvement Contract, including the name and contact information of a primary representative.
Simultaneously with Tenant's execution of the Tenant Improvement Contract and the Warm Shell Contract, Tenant shall enter into, and shall cause each of the Warm Shell Contractor and the Tenant Improvement Contractor to enter into, an agreement with Landlord and Tenant, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Landlord (the "Three Party Agreement").
The construction contract for the Tenant Improvements (the "Tenant Improvement Contract") shall be in form and substance acceptable to Tenant and approved by Landlord in its reasonable discretion, and shall include, without limitation, requirements (i) that Tenant's Contractor carry such insurance as Landlord may reasonably require, and (ii) that Landlord, at Landlord's sole option, may succeed Tenant and enforce the Construction Contract in the event of a termination of the Lease.
All Warm Shell Improvements shall be constructed by Devcon Construction pursuant to the Warm Shell Contract, and all Tenant Improvements shall be constructed by the Tenant Improvement Contractor pursuant to the Tenant Improvement Contract, and Tenant shall be responsible for project management with respect to construction of the Warm Shell Improvements and the Tenant Improvements.