Definition of Technology Transfer. Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer. Technology Transfer means the transfer by Lifecore to Heron or any third party designated by Heron of the full and complete standard operating procedures, including Lifecore Procedures, all tangible and intangible information relating to the process of Manufacturing Product, all documents, Manufacturing instructions, Product Specifications, and any other relevant documentation, all relevant manufacturing know-how, licenses and materials (including Raw Materials specifications) that are necessary to enable Heron or Herons designee to Manufacture Product, to meet all Product Specifications.

Examples of Technology Transfer. Technology Transfer in a sentence

ARS Approach and Plans for Technology Transfer Technology Transfer Principles, Modes, and Plans ARS has been delegated authority by the Secretary of Agriculture to administer the patent program for ARS, and the technology licensing program for all intramural research conducted by USDA.
TenthGate, Inc (TENTHGATE) and UTK will cover their own out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the performance of this Strategic Alliance Agreement TenthGate Technology Transfer: Technology Transfer: When a technology is shown to TenthGate, Inc (TENTHGATE) that TenthGate, Inc (TENTHGATE) wants to acquire, UTK will seek to acquire the license to the technology through one of its subsidiaries.