Definition of TCEH First Lien Agent

  1. TCEH First Lien Agent means, collectively, the TCEH First Lien Administrative Agent and the TCEH First Lien Collateral Agent and, where applicable, the former administrative agent, the former swingline lender, each former revolving letter of credit issuer, each former and current deposit letter of credit issuer, and the former collateral agent under the TCEH Credit Agreement.

Examples of TCEH First Lien Agent in a sentence

  1. 6932]) by any Holder of Allowed Class C3 Claims against one or more Holders of Allowed Class C3 Claims (other than the TCEH First Lien Agent, except in the TCEH First Lien Agents capacity as a nominal defendant to declaratory judgment claims in respect of which no monetary recovery is sought) solely with respect to the TCEH First Lien Creditor Deposit L/C Collateral Allocation Dispute.