Definition of TCEH Credit Agreement

TCEH Credit Agreement means the Credit Agreement, dated as of October 10, 2007, as amended, by and among TCEH, as borrower, EFCH and certain TCEH subsidiaries, as guarantors, the lending institutions party from time to time thereto, the TCEH First Lien Agent, and the other parties thereto.
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Examples of TCEH Credit Agreement in a sentence

The original maturities ranged from 2013 (in the case of certain amounts under the TCEH Credit Agreement, as discussed below) to 2017 (in the case of certain notes issued in connection with the 2007 Acquisition).
Amendments to the TCEH Credit Agreement completed in April 2011 and January 2013 resulted in the extension of $16.4 billion in loan maturities to 2017 and the extension of $2.05 billion of commitments under the revolving credit facility to 2016.
The lease is currently serviced by the proceeds of a previously-drawn letter of credit issued under the TCEH Credit Agreement.
In connection with the April 2011 amendment, approximately $1.623 billion of claims under the TCEH Credit Agreement were repaid using $1.604 billion of net proceeds from issuing the TCEH First Lien Notes (the remainder was sourced from cash on hand).
As of the Petition Date, a total of approximately $22.635 billion was outstanding in principal amount under the TCEH Credit Agreement, which included approximately $2.054 billion under a revolving credit facility, approximately $1.062 billion under deposit letter of credit term loan facilities, and approximately $19.519 billion of term loan facilities.