Definition of Tax Trust Accounts

Tax Trust Accounts means (i) account numbers 65676/31468 (Excise Tax Account), 65677/31469 (Security Fee Account) and 65678/31470 (PVC Fund Account) at Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas and (ii) account number 2183061999 (PVC Escrow & Disbursement Account) at Associated Bank, National Association.
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Examples of Tax Trust Accounts in a sentence

Schedule 6.19 lists all banks and other financial institutions at which any Issuer maintains deposit or other accounts as of the Closing Date, including any Disbursement Accounts, Canadian Disbursement Accounts, payroll accounts, petty cash accounts and the Tax Trust Accounts, and such Schedule correctly identifies the name, address and telephone number of each depository, the name in which the account is held, a description of the purpose of the account, and the complete account number therefor.