Certificate Administrator Accounts definition

Certificate Administrator Accounts. As defined in Section 3.07(a) of this Agreement.

Related to Certificate Administrator Accounts

  • Certificate Administrator Personnel The divisions and individuals of the Certificate Administrator who are involved in the performance of the duties of the Certificate Administrator under this Agreement.

  • Certificate Administrator Fee With respect to each Mortgage Loan and the beneficial interest of the Trust Fund in each REO Mortgage Loan, the fee designated as such and payable to the Certificate Administrator pursuant to Section 8.05(a). The Certificate Administrator Fee includes the Tax Administrator Fee and the Trustee Fee, each of which shall be paid by the Certificate Administrator as provided herein.

  • Certificate Administrator means the certificate administrator appointed as provided in the Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement.

  • Non-Lead Certificate Administrator means the “certificate administrator” under any Non-Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement.

  • Trustee/Certificate Administrator Fee With respect to each Mortgage Loan and for any Distribution Date, an amount accrued during the related Interest Accrual Period at the Trustee/Certificate Administrator Fee Rate on, in the case of the initial Distribution Date, the Cut-Off Date Balance of such Mortgage Loan and, in the case of any subsequent Distribution Date, the Stated Principal Balance of such Mortgage Loan as of the close of business on the Distribution Date in the related Interest Accrual Period; provided that such amounts shall be computed for the same period and on the same interest accrual basis respecting which any related interest payment due or deemed due on the related Mortgage Loan is computed and shall be prorated for partial periods. For the avoidance of doubt, the Trustee/Certificate Administrator Fee shall be payable from the Lower-Tier REMIC.

  • Certificate Administrator’s Website The internet website of the Certificate Administrator, initially located at xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx.

  • Trustee/Certificate Administrator Fee Rate With respect to each Mortgage Loan, a rate equal to 0.0055% per annum.

  • Certificate Administrator Fee Rate 0.0048% per annum.

  • CREFC® Servicer Remittance to Certificate Administrator Template A report substantially in the form of, and containing the information called for in, the downloadable form of the “Interest Servicer Remittance to Certificate Administrator Template” available as of the Closing Date on the CREFC® Website, or such other form for the presentation of such information and containing such additional information as may from time to time be approved by the CREFC® for commercial mortgage securities transactions generally.

  • Servicer Account means any account established by Servicer in connection with the servicing of the Mortgage Loans.

  • Certificate Account The account maintained by the Trustee in accordance with the provisions of Section 4.04.

  • Custodial Account The separate account or accounts created and maintained pursuant to Section 4.04.

  • Whole Loan Custodial Account means the custodial account or subaccount established for the Mortgage Loan pursuant to the Servicing Agreement.

  • Master Servicer Servicing Personnel The divisions and individuals of the Master Servicer who are involved in the performance of the duties of the Master Servicer under this Agreement.