Definition of Tax Reserve

Tax Reserve means, as applicable, one or more reserves of Cash for distribution to holders of Allowed Tax Claims to be reserved pending allowance of Disputed Claims in accordance with Article X of the Plan.
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Examples of Tax Reserve in a sentence

Lender shall, or Lender shall direct the Cash Management Bank to, pay to the taxing authority such amounts to the extent funds in the Tax Reserve Account are sufficient to pay such Impositions.
Such reports will include information on the amount of Reinsurance Premiums, Ceding Commission, Acquisition Expense, Expense Allowance, Commission Chargebacks, Benefit Payments, Modified Coinsurance Reserve, Coinsurance Reserve, Gross Statutory Reserve, Tax Reserve, Interest Maintenance Reserve, and Modified Coinsurance Reserve Investment Credit.
Subject to Borrowers right of contest set forth in Section 7.3, as set forth in the next two sentences and provided that there are sufficient funds available in the Tax Reserve Account, Lender, on behalf of Borrower, shall pay all Impositions and Other Charges which are attributable to or affect the Property or Borrower, prior to the date such Impositions or Other Charges shall become delinquent or late charges may be imposed thereon, directly to the applicable taxing authority with respect thereto.
The Reinsurer shall report the portion of the Tax Reserve allocated to the Coinsurance Reserve on its tax returns and the Ceding Company shall report the portion of the Tax Reserve allocated to the Modified Coinsurance Reserve on its tax returns.
The Tax Reserve shall be allocated proportionately between the Coinsurance Reserve and the Modified Coinsurance Reserve.