Definition of Tax Protection Period

Tax Protection Period means ten (10) years; provided, however, that such period shall end with respect to any Protected Partner to the extent that such Partner owns less than fifty percent (50%) of the OP Units originally owned by the Protected Partner as of the Closing Date, disregarding the sale, exchange or other disposition of any such OP Units sold, exchanged or otherwise disposed of by the Protected Partner in a Permitted Disposition.
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Tax Protection Period means the period commencing on the Closing Date (or, if later, August [__], 2017) and ending at 12:01 AM on August [__], 2024.

Examples of Tax Protection Period in a sentence

The REIT and the Partnership agree for the benefit of the Protected Partners, for the term of the Tax Protection Period and without the consent of Anthony E.
In the event a Protected Partner has elected to enter into a DRO in an amount less than its Minimum Liability Amount, at least every two years following the establishment of such DRO during the Tax Protection Period, the Partnership shall provide such Protected Partner with the opportunity to increase the amount of such DRO to an amount equal to such Protected Partners Minimum Liability Amount.
During the Tax Protection Period, the Partnership will offer to each Protected Partner the opportunity to enter into Qualified Guarantees of Qualified Guarantee Indebtedness in such amount or amounts so as to cause the amount of partnership liabilities allocated to such Protected Partner for purposes of Section 752 of the Code to be not less than such Protected Partners Minimum Liability Amount, as provided in this Article 3.
In the event of a Tax Protection Period Transfer described in Section 2.1(a), each Protected Partner shall, within 30 days after the closing of such Tax Protection Period Transfer, receive from the Operating Partnership an interest-free cash loan in an amount equal to the estimated Make Whole Amount applicable to such Tax Protection Period Transfer.
The Partnership agrees for the benefit of each Protected Partner, for the term of the Tax Protection Period, not to directly or indirectly sell, exchange, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the Protected Property or any interest therein (without regard to whether such disposition is voluntary or involuntary) in a transaction that would cause any of the Protected Partners to recognize any Protected Gain.