Definition of Post-Deconsolidation Period

Post-Deconsolidation Period means any Tax Period beginning after the Deconsolidation Date, and, in the case of any Straddle Period, the portion of such Straddle Period beginning the day after the Deconsolidation Date.
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Examples of Post-Deconsolidation Period in a sentence

In the event any Tax Asset of the WhiteWave Group for any Post-Deconsolidation Period is eligible to be carried back to a Pre-Deconsolidation Period, WhiteWave shall, to the extent permitted by applicable law, elect to carry such amounts forward to any Post-Deconsolidation Period.
In the case of a Deconsolidation Event, Safeway agrees to pay to Blackhawk the Tax Benefit from the use in any Pre-Deconsolidation Period (the Carryback Period) of a carryback of any Tax Asset of the Blackhawk Group from a Post-Deconsolidation Period (other than a carryback of any Tax Asset attributable to Distribution Taxes for which the liability is borne by Safeway or any Safeway Affiliate).
Blackhawks liability for any and all payments of the Blackhawk Separate Federal Tax Liability or Blackhawk Separate Other Tax Liability for any Post-Deconsolidation Period shall be increased by the After Tax Amount with respect to such payment and decreased by the corresponding Tax Benefit, if any, attributable to such Blackhawk Separate Federal Tax Liability or Blackhawk Separate Other Tax Liability.
With respect to any Tax Attributes incurred by the KBR Group in a Post-Deconsolidation Period, KBR shall not, and shall cause each member of the KBR Group to not, elect to carry back Tax Attributes to a Pre-Deconsolidation Period.
Zoetis hereby agrees that, unless Pfizer consents in writing, (i) no Adjustment Request with respect to any Joint Return shall be filed, and (ii) any available elections to waive the right to claim in any Pre-Deconsolidation Period with respect to any Joint Return any Zoetis Carryback arising in a Post-Deconsolidation Period shall be made, and no affirmative election shall be made to claim any such Zoetis Carryback.