Tanks definition

Tanks has the meaning set forth in Section 4.12(b).
Tanks mean the tanks owned by TLO and listed on Schedule B attached hereto, each of which is used for the storage of Products and located at the Storage Facility.
Tanks means each of the tanks located at the Refinery and made available to Xxxx pursuant to this Agreement as listed on Schedule B, which specifies the characteristics of each tank, as may be changed from time to time pursuant to Section 6.4.5(ii) or Section 9.

Examples of Tanks in a sentence

  • Tanks used for this purpose must be structurally sound and, if outdoors, must have roofs or covers that prevent contact with wind and rain.

  • Tanks shall be designed, constructed, installed, and anchored to resist the potential buoyant and other flood forces acting on an empty tank during design flood conditions.

  • Tanks, containers, and buildings must be designed, constructed and operated to prevent significant releases to the environment of these materials.

  • Excavation for Underground Tanks, Basins, and Mechanical or Electrical Utility Structures: Excavate to elevations and dimensions indicated within a tolerance of plus or minus 1 inch.

  • Tanks shall be handled, lifted, stored and secured in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

More Definitions of Tanks

Tanks shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 5.16(g) hereof.
Tanks means the crude oil, refined products and intermediates storage tanks identified on Exhibit A attached hereto and incorporated herein for all purposes. For further identification the Tanks have been cross-hatched on the depiction of the Premises set forth on Exhibit C.
Tanks means the bulk liquid and/or liquefied gas storage tank/s at the Installations;
Tanks means each of the tanks located at the Refinery and leased to MSCG pursuant to the Storage Agreement.