Groundwater definition

Groundwater means all water, which is below the surface of the ground in the saturation zone and in direct contact with the ground or subsoil.
Groundwater means water below the land surface in a zone of saturation.
Groundwater means water in a saturated zone or stratum beneath the surface of the land or below a surface water body.

Examples of Groundwater in a sentence

  • Further, I certify that the information in the report is correct and consistent with the compliance monitoring data previously submitted to the Vermont Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division.

  • Evaluation of Novel Getters for Adsorption of Radionuclides from Hanford Groundwater and Waste Glass Leachates Letter Report to CHG.

  • The Ukiah Valley Groundwater Basin is comprised of seven water entities that supply water to the region (Figure 10).

  • For the past three decades, farmers have significantly conserved water in the Mendocino County portion of the Russian River Watershed where the Ukiah Valley Groundwater Basin is nestled.

  • In the Ukiah Valley Groundwater Basin, surface water is used for frost protection, post- harvest applications, and heat protection.

More Definitions of Groundwater

Groundwater means water beneath the surface of the earth within the zone below the water table in which the soil is completely saturated with water, but does not include water that flows in known and definite channels.
Groundwater means underground water which occurs within the saturated zone and geologic materials where the fluid pressure in the pore space is equal to or greater than atmospheric pressure. [415 ILCS 5/3.64]
Groundwater means any of the waters of the state, as defined in s. 281.01 (18), Stats., occurring in a saturated subsur- face geological formation of rock or soil.
Groundwater means any water, except capillary moisture, beneath the land surface or beneath the bed of any stream, lake, reservoir or other body of surface water within the boundaries of this state, whatever may be the geologic formation or structure in which such water stands, flows, percolates or otherwise moves.
Groundwater means water below the land surface that is at or above atmospheric pressure.
Groundwater means any of the waters of the state occur- ring in a saturated subsurface geological formation of permeable rock or soil.
Groundwater means subsurface water that fills available openings in rock or soil materials such that they may be considered water saturated under hydrostatic pressure.