Common Stockholders definition

Common Stockholders means holders of shares of Common Stock.
Common Stockholders means any holder of common shares.
Common Stockholders means the holders of Common Stock.

Examples of Common Stockholders in a sentence

  • See below for the section of this release that reconciles Net Income Available to Common Stockholders to Adjusted Net Income Available to Common Stockholders.

More Definitions of Common Stockholders

Common Stockholders. Equity” means, as of a given date, the total stockholders’ equity reflected on the Company’s most recently dated consolidated balance sheet set forth in the Company’s most recent public filing with the SEC, minus the aggregate redemption value of all outstanding shares of Preferred Stock and Senior Common Stock as of such date.
Common Stockholders means the stockholders that hold Common Stock, and shall only refer to the Common Stock (and not any Preferred Stock) held by such stockholders.
Common Stockholders has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Common Stockholders means the holders of the Company's Common Stock.
Common Stockholders. Existing holders of Sirius' Common Stock will retain their pro rata share of 8% of the Common Stock.
Common Stockholders means the holders of all the common stock of the Corporation immediately prior to the closing of the IPO, including the Persons set forth on Exhibit A to this Agreement.