Common Stockholder definition

Common Stockholder means a holder of Common Stock.

Examples of Common Stockholder in a sentence

Upon delivery of the shares of Common Stock to the Common Stockholder, below, the Common Stockholder shall have, unless otherwise provided by the Board or Committee, all the rights of a stockholder with respect to said shares, subject to the restrictions in the Common Stock Agreement, including the right to receive all dividends and other distributions paid or made with respect to the Common Stock.

Common Stock shall be issued only pursuant to a Common Stock Agreement, which shall be executed by the Common Stockholder and the Company and which shall contain such terms and conditions as the Board or Committee shall determine consistent with this Plan, including such restrictions on transfer as are imposed by the Common Stock Agreement.

Notwithstanding anything in this Plan or any Common Stock Agreement to the contrary, no Common Stockholders may sell or otherwise transfer, whether or not for value, any of the Common Stock prior to the date on which the Common Stockholder is vested therein.

A copy of such list shall be mailed to any Common Stockholder so requesting within 10 days of receipt by the Corporation of the request.

The Corporation shall keep the appraisal for at least five years and make it available for inspection and duplication by any Common Stockholder.

More Definitions of Common Stockholder

Common Stockholder means a record holder of one or more shares of Common Stock.
Common Stockholder means each Person who has purchased Common Stock from the Company or who acquires Common Stock upon the conversion of preferred stock, by Transfer or otherwise and who becomes a party to this Agreement.
Common Stockholder means a holder of Company Common Stock.
Common Stockholder. It shall mean a person or an entity who holds a Common Stock.
Common Stockholder means any holder of record of Common Shares immediately prior to the Effective Time.