Company Shareholder definition

Company Shareholder means a holder of one or more Company Shares;
Company Shareholder means the legal and beneficial owner of 100% of the issued share capital of OEC.
Company Shareholder means a holder of Company Shares.

Examples of Company Shareholder in a sentence

  • With the exception of the Common Stock currently held by the Preferred Company Shareholder, each Holder hereby represents and warrants that it does not beneficially own, directly or through its nominees (as determined in accordance with Section 13(d) of the Exchange Act, and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder), any securities of the Company (of any class), or any economic interest in or derivative of such equity, other than those securities specified on Schedule A attached hereto.

  • The Company Shareholder Approval shall have been obtained and either (i) the Bye-Law Amendment shall have been approved at the Company Shareholders Meeting or (ii) the affirmative vote in favor of the approval of this Agreement, the Statutory Merger Agreement, and the Merger of at least 66% of the voting power of the Company Shares entitled to vote, at a duly convened meeting of the Company shareholders at which a quorum is present in accordance with the Company’s Bye-Laws shall have been obtained.

  • Notices to any Company Shareholder shall be sent to the address for notices as set forth on the signature pages hereto.

  • How to vote Voting in personA shareholder of the Company (Shareholder) that is an individual may attend and vote in person at the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

More Definitions of Company Shareholder

Company Shareholder means a holder of Company Ordinary Shares from time to time.
Company Shareholder means any holder of Company Common Stock.
Company Shareholder means any holder of any Company Shares as of immediately prior to the Effective Time.
Company Shareholder means a holder of Company Capital Stock.
Company Shareholder means a registered and/or beneficial holder of Shares and, where the context so provides, includes joint holders of such Shares.
Company Shareholder means and include each holder of shares of the capital stock of the Company.
Company Shareholder means a shareholder of record of the Company immediately prior to the Effective Time, as determined in accordance with the stock transfer records of the Company.