Major Stockholder definition

Major Stockholder means any such Person.
Major Stockholder means a person who has 20% or more ownership interest in a public water system.
Major Stockholder means any Stockholder holding (i) any Series A Preferred Stock and/or (ii) at least 35,460 shares of Series B Preferred Stock.

Examples of Major Stockholder in a sentence

  • Major stockholder of the Company (or an executive of the said major stockholder if the stockholder is a legal entity) j.

More Definitions of Major Stockholder

Major Stockholder means with respect to any registration, the ----------------- Stockholder that, together with its Affiliates, includes the largest number of Registrable Securities in such registration.
Major Stockholder means a shareholder possessing or
Major Stockholder means Hearst Communications, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Major Stockholder means each of Ares and FS, in each case so long as it, together with its Permitted Transferees, at the date of determination, beneficially owns at least 15% of the then outstanding Shares.
Major Stockholder means Richard A. Kay.
Major Stockholder means a person who directly or indirectly owns or controls more than a 10 percent interest or a pecuniary interest with a value exceeding $25,000 in a business entity.
Major Stockholder shall refer to the beneficial ownership of 5% or more of any class of voting securities of such company or the ownership of 5% or more of the total equity interest in such company, however denominated.