Sponsor Bank definition

Sponsor Bank means, in respect of any conduit lender, the sponsor bank for such conduit lender.
Sponsor Bank means the bank designatedby Paysafe, which is a Federal Reserve depository with agreements between itself, Paysafe and the Federal Reserve to electronically transfer funds between memberbanks of the Federal Reservebanking system. II.

Examples of Sponsor Bank in a sentence

  • Except as individually or in the aggregate would not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect, one or more Loan Parties (other than Holdings) shall at all times be represented by at least one Sponsor Bank and shall at all times be registered with each Payment Brand Member to the extent required by its rules.

More Definitions of Sponsor Bank

Sponsor Bank means Xxxxx Fargo Bank, National Association, in its capacity as the lender and sponsor bank under the Sponsor Facility Agreement.
Sponsor Bank means DBS for clearing the debit instructions contained in the Mandate and crediting the proceeds to the Account and for processing of NACH Debit Mandates through physical / scan / eMandate through eSign / eMandate through Destination Bank and or other means as informed by NPCI from time to time.
Sponsor Bank means any bank that sets up a separate entity for conduct of certain financial activity.
Sponsor Bank means a bank recognized by the NPCI as a direct member of the NACH and which is acting as a sponsor for an entity that has completed the NACH User Registration Process so as to enable such entity to access/use the NACH system;