Sponsor Bank definition

Sponsor Bank means any BACS participant authorised to sponsor organisations as Service Users to submit data to BACS for processing.
Sponsor Bank means a federal or state chartered bank which is a member of the Visa and/or MasterCard card associations (or another Approved Bank Card System) and which processes credit and debit card transactions and provides related services on behalf of the Credit Parties.
Sponsor Bank herein means the bank as designated by PayU from time to time, which shall be responsible for processing and settlement of Off-Us Bill.

Examples of Sponsor Bank in a sentence

  • You should contact your Sponsor Bank for any queries relating to Your Direct Credit Service User status or Your Service User Account.

More Definitions of Sponsor Bank

Sponsor Bank means, in respect of any conduit lender, the sponsor bank for such conduit lender.
Sponsor Bank means the bank designatedby Paysafe, which is a Federal Reserve depository with agreements between itself, Paysafe and the Federal Reserve to electronically transfer funds between memberbanks of the Federal Reservebanking system. II.
Sponsor Bank shall have the meaning given to such term in the Offer Documents;
Sponsor Bank means the Banker(s) to the Offer registered with SEBI, which has been appointed by the Company to act as a conduit between the Stock Exchanges and NPCI in order to push the mandate collect requests and / or payment instructions of the Retail Individual Bidders and carry out any other responsibilities, in terms of the SEBI circular bearing number SEBI/HO/CFD/DIL2/CIR/P/2018/138) dated November 1, 2018, in this case being Axis Bank Limited and HDFC Bank Limited;
Sponsor Bank means the Bankers to the Offer, which are appointed by the Company to act as conduit between the Stock Exchanges and NPCI in order to push the mandate collect requests and/or payment instructions of the UPI Bidders into the UPI Mechanism and carry out any other responsibilities in terms of the UPI Circulars, in this case being Axis Bank Limited;
Sponsor Bank means bank nominated by the Corporation, presently the IDBI Bank, for providing banking services under the scheme.
Sponsor Bank means a bank recognized by the NPCI as a direct member of the NACH and which is acting as a sponsor for an entity that has completed the NACH User Registration Process so as to enable such entity to access/use the NACH system;