Sponsor Bank definition

Sponsor Bank means, in respect of any conduit lender, the sponsor bank for such conduit lender.
Sponsor Bank means the bank designatedby Paysafe, which is a Federal Reserve depository with agreements between itself, Paysafe and the Federal Reserve to electronically transfer funds between memberbanks of the Federal Reservebanking system. II.

Examples of Sponsor Bank in a sentence

The sole/first holder must be one of the holders in the bank account.• The UMRN, the Sponsor Bank Code and the Utility Code are meant for office use only and need not be filled by the investors.• The 9 digit MICR and the 11 digit IFSC are mandatory requirements without which your SIP applications will be rejected.

Sponsor Bank IFSC / MICR code, left padded with zeroes where necessary.

Tick (✓)CreateModifyCancel Sponsor Bank Code I/We hereby authorize Utility Code To debit (tick ) Date CITI00002000000037 Bank A/c.

DEBIT MANDATE FOR NACH UMRN Sponsor Bank Code I/We hereby authorize Bank A/c.

Sponsor Bank code to be left blank for office use only.4. Utility Code: Unique code of the entity to whom mandate is being given - To be provided by the entity.5. Name of the entity to whom the mandate is being given.6. Account type - SB/CA/CC/SB-NRE/SB-NRO/OTHER7.

More Definitions of Sponsor Bank

Sponsor Bank means Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, in its capacity as the lender and sponsor bank under the Sponsor Facility Agreement.
Sponsor Bank means the Punjab National Bank.
Sponsor Bank means DBS for clearing the debit instructions contained in the Mandate and crediting the proceeds to the Account and for processing of NACH Debit Mandates through physical / scan / eMandate through eSign / eMandate through Destination Bank and or other means as informed by NPCI from time to time.
Sponsor Bank means a Sponsor Bank as defined in the Regional Rural Banks Act, 1976 (21 of 1976);
Sponsor Bank means any bank that sets up a separate entity for conduct of certain financial activity.