Sole Noteholder definition

Sole Noteholder means the holder of 100 per cent of the outstanding nominal amount of the Notes, as evidenced by proof of holding of the Notes satisfactory to the Calculation Agent, which shall be provided on request by such noteholder to the Calculation Agent;"
Sole Noteholder means the 100 per cent. holder of all outstanding Notes from time to time.
Sole Noteholder means, at any time, the holder of all outstanding Notes at such time.

Examples of Sole Noteholder in a sentence

  • Then, we can hold fixedjH jH jL jLjHfirm 1’s continuation values and increase v2and v2by the same amount without affectingjLIC-On2, thus increasing U¯ 2.

  • No chimney shall support any structural load other than its own weight unless it is designed to act as a supporting member.

  • We are the Sole Noteholder holding 100% in aggregate principal amount of the outstanding Notes and we will not transfer the Notes on or prior to the Put Date (other than in exercise of the put option).

  • Any Sole Noteholder Put Notice must be delivered to all relevant parties not fewer than 30 Business Days immediately prior to the relevant Put Date.

  • Delivery of the Notes Collateral shall be made at the risk of the Sole Noteholder in such commercially reasonable manner as the Calculation Agent shall in its sole discretion determine and notify to the person designated by the Sole Noteholder in the Asset Transfer Notice.

More Definitions of Sole Noteholder

Sole Noteholder means the holder of (or, as the case may be, the Euroclear/Clearstream, Luxembourg accountholder in respect of) 100 per cent. of the outstanding Principal Amount of the Notes.
Sole Noteholder means, at any time, the beneficial owner of 100 per cent of the outstanding Aggregate Nominal Amount of the Notes that has identified itself to the Issuer and the Calculation Agent, and has provided its contact details and also sufficient proof of ownership of all the Notes as the Issuer, Calculation Agent and Trustee may require;
Sole Noteholder means a Noteholder holding 100 per cent. of the outstanding principal amount of the Notes on the date falling ten Payment Business Days prior to the Scheduled Maturity Date.
Sole Noteholder means one person is the beneficial holder of 100 per cent. of the principal amount outstanding of the Note.
Sole Noteholder means the holder of 100% of the Aggregate Nominal Amount of the Notes outstanding at any relevant time.
Sole Noteholder means a Securityholder acting on behalf of the combined holders of all of the outstanding Securities and who is able to evidence such authority as at the relevant date(s).SCHEDULE 2: FORM OF REFERENCE SWAP AGREEMENT [Party B]7 March 2008 Dear Sirs Confirmation of swap transaction The purpose of this letter agreement (this “Confirmation”) is to confirm the terms and conditions of the swap transaction entered into between Party A and Party B (each as defined below) on the Trade Date specified below (the “Transaction”). This Confirmation constitutes a “Confirmation” as referred to in the Agreement specified below. The definitions and provisions contained in the 2006 ISDA Definitions, as published by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (the “2006 Definitions”) are incorporated into this Confirmation. In the event of any inconsistency between those definitions and this Confirmation, this Confirmation shall govern. This Confirmation supplements, forms a part of, and is subject to, the ISDA Master Agreement and Schedule (the “Agreement”) between Party A and Party B. All provisions contained in the Agreement govern this Confirmation except as expressly modified below. In this Confirmation “Party A” means Credit Suisse International and “Party B” means Dealer The terms of the Transaction to which this Confirmation relates are as follows: