Senior Noteholders definition

Senior Noteholders means the holders of the Senior Notes.
Senior Noteholders means the Note A Holders, individually or collectively, as the context may require.
Senior Noteholders means each holder of a Senior Note.

Examples of Senior Noteholders in a sentence

  • Other Material Provisions Release, Injunction, Exculpation The Plan will contain standard estate and consensual third-party releases, injunction provisions, and exculpation provisions for the benefit of the Company Entities, Sponsoring Noteholders, the Senior Noteholders, and each of their related parties, as broad as practicable under Third Circuit precedent.

More Definitions of Senior Noteholders

Senior Noteholders means, collectively, the Holders of Senior Notes Claims.
Senior Noteholders means the holders from time to time of the Senior Secured Notes.
Senior Noteholders shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals.
Senior Noteholders means, individually or collectively, the Holder(s) of a Senior Noteholder Claim(s).
Senior Noteholders means, collectively, the Initial Senior Noteholders or any subsequent holder of any Senior Note, as applicable.
Senior Noteholders means, collectively, the Note A-1 Holder, the Note A-2 Holder, the Note A-3 Holder, the Note A-4 Holder, the Note A-5 Holder, the Note A-6 Holder, the Note A-7 Holder, the Note A-8 Holder, the Note A-9 Holder and the Note A-10 Holder.
Senior Noteholders means in relation to the Class B Noteholders, the Class A Noteholders and in relation to the Class C Noteholders, the Class A Noteholders and the Class B Noteholders;