Senior Noteholder definition

Senior Noteholder means any one of the holders from time to time of the Senior Notes.
Senior Noteholder means any Holder of Senior Notes of any Series.
Senior Noteholder means the holder of a Senior Note.

Examples of Senior Noteholder in a sentence

  • The Note B Holder covenants and agrees that (at the applicable Senior Noteholder’s expense) it shall use reasonable efforts to cooperate with the requests of each Rating Agency and such Senior Noteholder in connection with the Securitization, as well as in connection with all other matters and the preparation of any offering documents thereof and to review and respond reasonably promptly with respect to any information relating to it in any Securitization document.

  • Each Senior Noteholder (other than the Lead Securitization Noteholder) hereby appoints the Lead Securitization Noteholder as its agent, and grants to the Lead Securitization Noteholder an irrevocable power of attorney coupled with an interest, and their proxy, for the purpose of soliciting and accepting offers for and consummating the sale of its Note.

  • The Note B Holder acknowledges that it has, independently and without reliance upon any Senior Noteholder, except with respect to the representations and warranties provided by the Senior Noteholders herein, and based on such documents and information as it has deemed appropriate, made its own credit analysis and decision to purchase Note B, and the Note B Holder accepts responsibility therefor.

  • In connection with the Securitization, the Note B Holder agrees to provide the identity of such Note B Holder and the Controlling Noteholder Representative for inclusion in any disclosure document relating to the related Securitization as the applicable Senior Noteholder reasonably determines to be necessary or appropriate.

  • The preceding sentence shall not be construed to grant to any Senior Noteholder the benefit of any representation or warranty made by the initial Lead Securitization Noteholder (or the related Securitization mortgage loan seller) or any document delivery obligation imposed on the such Noteholder under any mortgage loan purchase and sale agreement, instrument of transfer or other document or instrument that may be executed or delivered by such Noteholder in connection with the Lead Securitization.

More Definitions of Senior Noteholder

Senior Noteholder means the Holder of any Senior Note.
Senior Noteholder means, collectively, the holders of the Senior Note, together with their respective successors and assigns.
Senior Noteholder means the Noteholder of a Senior Note.
Senior Noteholder. The Holder of a Senior Note.
Senior Noteholder means the Initial Senior Noteholder, or any subsequent holder of the Senior Note, together with its successors and assigns.