The Swap Sample Clauses

The Swap. Within ten (10) business days after the execution of this Agreement, the Parties shall deliver their respective shares, with appropriate signature guarantee to Commerce Street Venture Group, Inc., who shall submit the share certificates to the respective transfer agent for the companies, with instructions to transfer the shares into the name of the other party. When the shares of both parties are returned, after appropriate transfer, Commerce Street Venture Group, Inc. shall then deliver the respective new shares to the parties.
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The Swap. Tenant shall have the option (the “Swap Option”) to decrease the leased premises under the 222 Berkeley Lease and increase the Leased Premises under the 500 Boylston Lease, subject to and solely in accordance with the terms expressly set forth in this Article 10. If Tenant wishes to exercise the Swap Option, Tenant shall deliver notice of its exercise of the Swap Option in a notice delivered to the 200 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx and the 500 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xx or before August 1, 2005 (the “Swap Exercise Notice”). Time is of the essence in the timely exercise of the Swap Option. If Tenant fails to timely exercise the Swap Option by such date strictly in accordance with this Section 10.01, then Tenant shall be deemed to have irrevocably waived the Swap Option and this Article 10 shall have no further force or effect. Tenant’s exercise of the Swap Option shall be irrevocable and unconditional. If Tenant provides an exercise notice that purports to condition the exercise of the Swap Option, to change the terms of the Swap Option as set forth below, or to exercise the Swap Option only in part (except as expressly provided below), such exercise notice shall be invalid and without force or effect.
The Swap. The Lenders have agreed to enter this Agreement and to give their commitments to make the Loans for the fixed interest rate provided herein on the condition and subject to the concurrent execution of the Swap pursuant to which the Swap Provider will make floating rate payments to the Paying Agent as provided in the Swap in exchange for fixed rate payments equal to the amounts of the fixed interest payments payable by Southland hereunder. Prior to the Existing Yen Facility Repayment Date the Swap Provider will make floating rate payments to the Paying Agent for the benefit of the Lenders in exchange for the accrual of the fixed rate payments due the Swap Provider (and interest thereon) at a fixed rate equal to the interest rate for the Loans hereunder, which shall be payable from the Japanese Royalties deposited in the New Lock Box Account after the Existing Yen Facility Repayment Date as provided herein and in the Swap. The Paying Agent has entered the Swap on the date hereof on behalf of and for the benefit of the Lenders. As provided in the Swap, on each Repayment Date after the Expected Existing Yen Facility Repayment Date, the fixed rate payment specified on Schedule II for such date as interest due hereunder shall be paid to the Swap Provider by the Paying Agent and the Swap Provider shall pay to the Paying Agent, for distribution to the Lenders, a floating rate payment equal to the sum of the then applicable Yen LIBOR plus the Margin. The Swap provides that payments shall be made on a net basis, and the Lenders hereby instruct the Paying Agent to apply the payments received in and to make the payments from the Japanese Royalties paid into the New Lock Box Account in accordance with the provisions hereof and the Swap to fulfill the obligations of the Paying Agent and the Swap Provider under the Swap for payment on a net basis, as applicable.

Related to The Swap

  • Rights of Swap Counterparty (a) The Swap Counterparty shall be deemed a third-party beneficiary of this Agreement to the same extent as if it were a party hereto and shall have the right, upon designation of an “Early Termination Date” (as defined in the Swap Agreement), to enforce its rights under this Agreement, which rights include but are not limited to the obligation of the Trustee (A) to deposit any Net Swap Payment required pursuant to Sections 5.02(b), (c), (e) and (j), and any Swap Termination Payment required pursuant to Sections 5.02(b), (c), (e) and (j), into the Swap Account, (B) to deposit any amounts from the Basis Risk Reserve Fund required pursuant to Sections 5.02(f)(iv)(C) and Section 5.02(f)(vi) into the Swap Account, (C) to pay any Net Swap Payment required pursuant to Section 5.02(g)(i), or Section 5.02(k), as applicable, or Swap Termination Payment required pursuant to Sections 5.02(g)(ii), Section 5.02(g)(x), or Section 5.02(k), as applicable to the Swap Counterparty and (D) to establish and maintain the Swap Account, to make such deposits thereto, investments therein and distributions therefrom as are required pursuant to Section 5.07. For the protection and enforcement of the provisions of this Section the Swap Counterparty shall be entitled to such relief as can be given either at law or in equity.

  • Securities Intermediary Agreement The Issuer has delivered to the Indenture Trustee a fully executed agreement under which the securities intermediary has agreed to comply with all instructions originated by the Indenture Trustee relating to the Securities Accounts without further consent by the Issuer.

  • Securities Contract; Swap Agreement The parties hereto intend for (i) the Transaction to be a “securities contract” and a “swap agreement” as defined in the Bankruptcy Code (Title 11 of the United States Code) (the “Bankruptcy Code”), and the parties hereto to be entitled to the protections afforded by, among other Sections, Sections 362(b)(6), 362(b)(17), 546(e), 546(g), 555 and 560 of the Bankruptcy Code, (ii) a party’s right to liquidate the Transaction and to exercise any other remedies upon the occurrence of any Event of Default under the Agreement with respect to the other party to constitute a “contractual right” as described in the Bankruptcy Code, and (iii) each payment and delivery of cash, securities or other property hereunder to constitute a “margin payment” or “settlement payment” and a “transfer” as defined in the Bankruptcy Code.

  • Dealer Agreements Each Dealer from whom the Seller purchases Receivables has entered into a Dealer Agreement with the Seller providing for the sale of Receivables from time to time by such Dealer to the Seller.

  • Securities Intermediary The Securities Intermediary, in acting under this Indenture, is entitled to all rights, benefits, protections, immunities and indemnities accorded The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A., a national banking association, in its capacity as Indenture Trustee under this Indenture.

  • Dealer Agreement The sales and/or servicing agreements between CAC or its subsidiaries and a participating Dealer which sets forth the terms and conditions under which CAC or its subsidiaries (i) accepts, as nominee for such Dealer, the assignment of Contracts for purposes of administration, servicing and collection and under which CAC or its subsidiary may make advances to such Dealers and (ii) accepts outright assignments of Contracts from Dealers or funds Contracts originated by such Dealer in the name of CAC or any of its subsidiaries, in each case as such agreements may be in effect from time to time.

  • CUSTODIAN CONTRACT This Contract between each fund or series of a fund listed on Appendix A which evidences its agreement to be bound hereby by executing a copy of this Contract (each such fund is individually hereafter referred to as the "Fund"), and State Street Bank and Trust Company, a Massachusetts trust company, having its principal place of business at 225 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx, 00000, xxreinafter called the "Custodian",

  • Banking Services and Swap Agreements Each Lender or Affiliate thereof providing Banking Services for, or having Swap Agreements with, any Loan Party or any Subsidiary or Affiliate of a Loan Party shall deliver to the Administrative Agent, promptly after entering into such Banking Services or Swap Agreements, written notice setting forth the aggregate amount of all Banking Services Obligations and Swap Agreement Obligations of such Loan Party or Subsidiary or Affiliate thereof to such Lender or Affiliate (whether matured or unmatured, absolute or contingent). In furtherance of that requirement, each such Lender or Affiliate thereof shall furnish the Administrative Agent, from time to time after a significant change therein or upon a request therefor, a summary of the amounts due or to become due in respect of such Banking Services Obligations and Swap Agreement Obligations. The most recent information provided to the Administrative Agent shall be used in determining which tier of the waterfall, contained in Section 2.18(b), such Banking Services Obligations and/or Swap Agreement Obligations will be placed.

  • Accounts with the Custodian and any Subcustodians The Custodian shall open and operate a bank account or accounts (hereinafter referred to collectively, as "Bank Accounts") on the books of the Custodian or any Subcustodian provided that such account(s) shall be in the name of the Custodian or a nominee of the Custodian, for the account of a Portfolio, and shall be subject only to the draft or order of the Custodian; and provided further, however, that such Bank Accounts in countries other than the United States of America may be held in an account of the Custodian containing only assets held by the Custodian as a fiduciary or custodian for customers, and provided further, that the records of the Custodian shall indicate at all times the Portfolio or other customer for which such securities and other assets are held in such account and the respective interests therein. Such Bank Accounts may be denominated in either U.S. Dollars or other currencies. The responsibilities of the Custodian to each applicable Fund for deposits accepted on the Custodian's books in the United States of America shall be that of a U.S. bank for a similar deposit. The responsibilities of the Custodian to each applicable Fund for deposits accepted on any Subcustodian's books shall be governed by the provisions of Section 5.02.

  • Credit Card Agreements Each Borrower and Guarantor shall (a) observe and perform all material terms, covenants, conditions and provisions of the Credit Card Agreements to be observed and performed by it at the times set forth therein; (b) not do, permit, suffer or refrain from doing anything, as a result of which there could be a default under or breach of any of the terms of any of the Credit Card Agreements and at all times maintain in full force and effect the Credit Card Agreements and not terminate, cancel, surrender, modify, amend, waive or release any of the Credit Card Agreements, or consent to or permit to occur any of the foregoing; except, that, any Borrower or Guarantor may terminate or cancel any of the Credit Card Agreements in the ordinary course of the business of such Borrower or Guarantor; provided, that, such Borrower or Guarantor shall give Agent not less than ten (10) Business Days prior written notice of its intention to so terminate or cancel any of the Credit Card Agreements; (c) not enter into any new Credit Card Agreements with any new Credit Card Issuer unless Agent shall have received not less than ten (10) Business Days prior written notice of the intention of such Borrower or Guarantor to enter into such agreement (together with such other information with respect thereto as Agent may request) and such Borrower or Guarantor delivers, or causes to be delivered to Agent, a Credit Card Acknowledgment in favor of Agent; (d) give Agent immediate written notice of any Credit Card Agreement entered into by such Borrower or Guarantor after the date hereof, together with a true, correct and complete copy thereof and such other information with respect thereto as Agent may reasonably request; (e) furnish to Agent, promptly upon the request of Agent, such information and evidence as Agent may require from time to time concerning the observance, performance and compliance by such Borrower or Guarantor or the other party or parties thereto with the terms, covenants or provisions of the Credit Card Agreements; and (f) not modify any instructions given by Agent to any Credit Card Issuer or Credit Card Processor provided for in any Credit Card Acknowledgement or otherwise direct the remittance of payments under any Credit Card Agreement to any account other than the Blocked Account.

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