Permitted Businesses definition

Permitted Businesses means the business of owning, leasing and managing gasoline stations, convenience store properties and other retail real properties (including, for the avoidance of doubt, quick service or other casual restaurants and auto service and auto parts stores), and any other single-tenant net lease business, and business activities reasonably related to the foregoing (including the creation or acquisition of any interest in any Subsidiary (or entity that following such creation or acquisition would be a Subsidiary) for the purpose of conducting the foregoing activities), in each case that are permitted for real estate investment trusts under the Code.
Permitted Businesses. (a) the gaming business, (b) the development, construction, ownership and operation of a Gaming Facility, (c) all businesses, whether or not licensed by the Nevada Gaming Authorities, which are necessary for, incident to, useful to, arising out of, supportive of or connected to the development, construction, ownership or operation of a Gaming Facility, (d) any development, construction, ownership or operation of lodging, retail, restaurant or convention facilities, sports or entertainment facilities, golf course facilities, art gallery facilities, food and beverage distribution operations, transportation services (including operation of the Aircraft and chartering thereof), parking services, sales and marketing services, sales, leasing and repair of automobiles or other activities related to the foregoing, (e) any development, construction, ownership or operation of a full service destination resort, including, without limitation, residential or vacation housing facilities (including, without limitation, timeshares, interval ownership and condominiums and similar developments), and parking services, sales and marketing services or other activities related to the foregoing, (f) any business (including any related internet business) that is a reasonable extension, development or expansion of any of the foregoing or incidental thereto and/or (g) the ownership by a Person of Capital Stock in its Subsidiaries; provided, however, that with respect to the Borrower and its Subsidiaries other than, with respect to the ownership and operation of the Aircraft only, World Travel and Las Vegas Jet, the foregoing shall only be Permitted Businesses to the extent related to the Project or furtherance of the Project’s development, construction, ownership or operation; and provided, further, that, notwithstanding the foregoing, the Borrower shall be permitted to (i) continue to perform its obligations and receive benefits under the Macau Loan and (ii) pay Allocable Overhead as otherwise permitted under this Agreement.
Permitted Businesses means any business which is the same as or ancillary or complementary to any of the businesses of the Company and the Restricted Subsidiaries on the Original Issue Date.

Examples of Permitted Businesses in a sentence

  • The Borrower shall not, nor shall it permit any Subsidiary to, engage, directly or indirectly, in any line of business other than the Permitted Businesses.

More Definitions of Permitted Businesses

Permitted Businesses means (i) any media or communications business, including but not limited to, any broadcast television station, cable franchise or other business in the television broadcasting, cable or direct-to-home satellite television industries and (ii) any business reasonably related or ancillary to any of the foregoing businesses.
Permitted Businesses means the printing business generally including the business conducted by the Parent Company and its Subsidiaries as of the Issue Date and any other business or businesses ancillary, complementary or related thereto.
Permitted Businesses means any consumer or commercial finance business or any financial service business.
Permitted Businesses means owning, managing, developing, acquiring and leasing, and providing valuation services in respect of, Healthcare Facilities in the United States and Specified Jurisdictions, and activities and Investments substantially related, ancillary or incidental to the foregoing.
Permitted Businesses means any business conducted by the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries on the Original Issue Date and other businesses reasonably related, ancillary or complementary thereto.
Permitted Businesses means the Permitted Forestry Plantation Business and the manufacturing of wood and wood-based products and related businesses and activities incidental to such activities.
Permitted Businesses mean those businesses in which Borrower and its Subsidiaries are engaged on the Closing Date as described in the Information Memorandum (or, in the good faith judgment of the Board of Directors of Borrower, which are reasonably related thereto or are reasonable extensions thereof).