Adult entertainment establishment definition

Adult entertainment establishment means any of the following:
Adult entertainment establishment means an adult arcade, adult bookstore, adult novelty store, adult video store, adult cabaret, adult motion picture theater, adult theater, nude or seminude model studio, or sexual encounter establishment (see definitions in (3) to (9), below). An establishment in which a medical practitioner, psychologist, psychiatrist, or similar professional person licensed by the state engages in medically approved and recognized therapy, including, but not limited to, massage therapy, as regulated pursuant to R.C. 4731.15, is not an "adult entertainment establishment." (R.C. 3768.01(E).)
Adult entertainment establishment means any premises or part thereof in which is provided, in pursuance of a trade, calling, business or occupation, services appealing to or designed to appeal to erotic or sexual appetites or inclinations;

Examples of Adult entertainment establishment in a sentence

  • This By-law shall be known as the Adult Entertainment Establishment Licensing By-law.

  • All references to Adult Entertainment Establishment Licence Fees in Part 24 of By-Law 102-2002, as amended, are hereby repealed.

  • The Applicant or Licensee has been convicted under the Liquor Licence Act of the Province of Ontario and the charge relates to the operation of the Adult Entertainment Establishment or the provision of Services therein.

  • No person shall erect or maintain any flashing or electronic light or animation either on the exterior of the premises or on the interior of the premises if it is visible from the exterior of the Adult Entertainment Establishment.

More Definitions of Adult entertainment establishment

Adult entertainment establishment or "establishment" means any business to which the public, patrons, or members are invited or admitted where an entertainer provides adult entertainment to a member of the public, a patron, or a member.
Adult entertainment establishment means the following terms as defined:
Adult entertainment establishment means any premises or part thereof wherein live performances, motion pictures, video tapes, video disks, slides, electronic or photographic reproductions, the main feature of which is the nudity or partial nudity of any person, are performed or shown as a principal use or an accessory or similar use to some other business activity which is conducted on the premises.
Adult entertainment establishment means any premises or part thereof used in the pursuance of a business, if:
Adult entertainment establishment means any commercial establishment, business or service, or portion thereof, which offers sexually-oriented material, devices, paraphernalia or specific sexual activities, services, performances or any combination thereof, or in any other form, whether printed, filmed, recorded or live. The term "adult entertainment establishment" shall include but not be limited to such activities as:
Adult entertainment establishment means any premises or part of a premises in which are provided, in pursuance of a business, goods or services appealing to or designed to appeal to erotic or sexual appetites or inclinations and includes an adult services entertainment establishment, an adult film store and an adult film theatre;Adult Services Entertainment Establishment