SER definition

SER means School Education Regulations 2000.
SER means Syncrude Emissions Reduction project, a project whose purpose focuses on mitigating an environmental impact by reducing sulphur dioxide and other emissions from the business;
SER means the Dutch Sociaal-Economische Raad.

Examples of SER in a sentence

  • Examples are the Dutch Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek), the Dutch Extraordinary Labour Relations Decree (Buitengewoon Besluit Arbeidsverhoudingen) and guidelines for the implementation thereof, the Dutch Equal Treatment Act (Wet gelijke behandeling), the Dutch Collective Employment Conditions Act (Wet op de collectieve arbeidsvoorwaarden), the Dutch Collective Redundancy (Notification) Act (Wet melding collectief ontslag) or the SER Resolution concerning the Merger Code.

  • This will include a time-synchronized phasor measurement unit at the Facility, and access to multiple sources to provide sufficient clarity as to any abnormal response or behavior within the Facility, including Facility control settings and static values, SCADA xxxx, xxxxxxxx of events recording (SER) data, dynamic disturbance recorder (DDR) data, and inverter fault codes and inverter-level dynamic recordings.

  • SER = the sum of all Sponsors Gross Equity Repayment paid on or prior to the Calculation Date.

  • In the event of proposed mergers and reorganisations, the employment agency timely informs the relevant employees’ associations in accordance with the applicable SER Merger Code and gives them the opportunity to issue advice.

  • In accordance with the Merger Code 2000 of the Social and Economic Council (SER) and the code of conduct it contains, temporary employment agencies will inform the contracting parties in good time of any proposed mergers and reorganisations, irrespective of the number of employees concerned, and give them the opportunity to make recommendations.

More Definitions of SER

SER means Syncrude Emissions Reduction project, a project whose purpose focuses on improving the environment by reducing emissions from the business;
SER means the volume weighted average of the Energy Rate for the relevant MPAN for the MPAN Remainder Period (in £/MWh), divided by 1000;
SER means the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands.
SER shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble;
SER means the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources;
SER means School Education Regulations 2000 (WA).