Cueing definition

Cueing means giving verbal, audio, or visual clues during an activity to help an individual complete the activity without hands-on assistance.
Cueing means giving verbal or visual clues during the activity to help the individual complete activities without hands-on assistance.
Cueing means daily verbal or physical guidance provided to a recipient that serves as a signal to the recipient that the recipient needs to perform an activity;

Examples of Cueing in a sentence

  • Cueing frequency, at minimum, is required21 more than once per month and up to weekly;22 or23 2.

  • Cueing frequency, at minimum, is required37 more than once per month and up to weekly;38 or39 2.

  • Pollitt, Hybrid Control Algorithms for Cooperating Vehicles Final Report, Appendix B: Benefits of Autonomous Operations (AO) Beyond Undersea Cooperative Cueing and Intervention [September 2009].

More Definitions of Cueing

Cueing means an instructional strategy in which students
Cueing means verbal guidance provided at the time an activity is to be performed that serves as a signal to a recipient to perform that activity;

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