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  • The SERFF Rate/Rule Schedule Tab should contain the proposed premium rates for all proposed plans, and Excel versions of the Federal Rates Template and the PA Plan Design Summary and Rate Tables.

  • To be consistent with NAIC filing stand- ards and provide timely instructions to filers, the commissioner will incorporate documents posted on the SERFF website into this chapter.

  • Therefore, all health insurers who wish to issue or renew ACA- compliant individual and small group health insurance coverage on or after January 1, 2023 must file their forms, rates and plan binders containing all the required templates via SERFF no later than the initial filing date listed below.

  • Cover LetterThe cover letter must be a Microsoft Word file (uploaded as a PDF text on SERFF) and must contain the following information in the numbered sequence as shown below.

  • Submit the Department Plan Design Summary and Rate Tables in Excel in the Rate/Rule Schedule Tab in SERFF.

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