LA definition

LA means the Local Authority in the area in which the Academy is situated;
LA means a local authority.
LA means the number of Lots already assigned to Participant(s) in Allocation Procedure;

Examples of LA in a sentence

Martin, L.A., et al., Discovery of naturally occurring ESR1 mutations in breast cancer cell lines modelling endocrine resistance.

Paige, L.A., et al., Estrogen receptor (ER) modulators each induce distinct conformational changes in ER alpha and ER beta.

Hillman GG, Reich LA, Rothstein SE, Abernathy LM, Fountain MD, Hankerd K, et al.

Zhang X, Fei Z, Chen YJ, Fu LA, Zhang JN, Liu WP, et al: Fa- cial nerve function after excision of large acoustic neuromas via the suboccipital retrosigmoid approach.

Talbot LA, Fleg JL, Metter EJ: Secular trends in leisure-time physical activity in men and women across four decades.

More Definitions of LA

LA means the Local Authority in the area in which the alternative provision Academy is situated;
LA means Louisiana
LA means a local authority. “Parents” means parents or guardians.
LA means (1 + BLA) * (1 + Max (0%; 5% * (WAL – 20)));
LA means the applicable liquidity adjustment at that time determined by reference to percentages set out in the relevant table in the Fitch Ratings Report entitled “Counterparty Criteria for Structured Finance Transactions: Derivative Addendumdated 30 May 2012 or other such percentages as updated and published by Fitch Ratings from time to time; and
LA means (1+BLA)*(1+Max(0%; 5%*(WAL-20)));