DIA definition

DIA means the department of inspections and appeals established in Iowa Code chapter 10A.
DIA means The Detroit Institute of Arts, a museum and cultural facility located at 5200 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48202.

Examples of DIA in a sentence

  • As criteria to be included in the Strategic Plan, DIA works in close coordination with all areas of the OAS General Secretariat to identify only those projects that have been approved in advance by the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) and demonstrate that they respond to current mandates from the OAS General Assembly or other political bodies.

  • All Request for Response (RFR) information, including application forms, are now available through the DIA website [www.mass.gov/dia/].

  • Services, FY'02 - FY’06 Fiscal YearReferrals to OEVRSource: DIA - OEVRTrust Fund Payment of Vocational RehabilitationIf an insurer refuses to pay for vocational rehabilitation services while OEVR determines that the employee is suitable for services, the office may utilize monies from the Trust Fund to finance the rehabilitation services.

  • In 2004, a Suffolk Superior Judge ruled against the DIA stating that the name and address (even when associated with a workplace injury) are not "intimate details of a highly personal nature." The DIA subsequently appealed this decision to the Massachusetts Appeals Court where the ruling was reversed.

  • The office is also responsible for maintaining a database on cases discovered by the DIA, where there may be suspicion of fraud.

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DIA means Denver International Airport.
DIA means diameter;
DIA means a dedicated high-speed connection to the Internet. Over a single access port connection ("Port"), Buyer may select from several connectivity options, a n d speeds as set forth on any Service Order. The available configurations are subject to technical limitations, and Seller shall determine the actual allowed and available configurations from time to time consistent with then current technical considerations. Among other things, due to protocol overhead, IP addresses may be assigned to Buyer by Seller as deemed appropriate by Seller at rates agreed to by the Parties, but such IP addresses remain the property of Seller and are not transferred to Buyer or its User upon termination or expiration of this Supplement or any respective Service Order. Buyer and its Users will promptly return such IP addresses, and cooperate with any additional documentation of same, upon termination or expiration of this Supplement or any respective Service Order.
DIA means the New Zealand Department of Internal Affair; “Responsible Official” means the Chief Executive of the DIA; “Service” means the DIA Identity Confirmation service verifying Passport Details)